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green pastures

*Begin with Living Lessons 1-34

The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.
He makes me lie down in green pastures;
He leads me beside quiet waters. He restores my soul.

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Unleashing the TRUTH

wLL 35  “Added Fear

wLL 36  “Fall Short

wLL 37  “Spiritual Maturity

wLL 38 “Holding Pattern

wLL 39 “Spirit of Confusion” 

wLL 40 “Just Ask

wLL 41 “Remind Me

wLL 42 “Opportunities to Embrace

wLL 43 “Your Cup Half Empty?

wLL 44 “I Don’t Deserve It

wLL 45 I Don’t Deserve It” Part 2

wLL 46 The Angel Principle

wLL 47 "Just Wait"

wLL 48 "Just Wait" Part 2

wLL 49 "Misidentified Characteristic"

wLL 50 "Misidentified Characteristic" Part 2

wLL 51 "Who You Resemble"

wLL 52 "Living with Unending Mercies"

wLL 53 Living with Unending Mercies”  Part 2 

wLL 54 Shut Up and Cannot Go Out” 

wLL 55 “Shut Up and Cannot Go Out” Part 2 

wLL 56 “Just Wait Again

wLL 57 Taste the Spices

wLL 58 Taste the Spices” Part 2 

wLL 59 Could This Be War?” 

wLL 60 “Get Lost”  

wLL 61 “Get Lost” Part 2  

wLL 62 “Get Up” Part 1 

wLL 63 “Get Up” Part 2  

wLL 64 “‘Worst’ Times are the Best”  

wLL 65 “Perceived Danger”

wLL 66 “Laugh It Off”

wLL 67 “Peaceable Fruit”

wLL 68 “Praise in the Storms”

wLL 69 Walking on Air

wLL 70 There's NO Shame


Recorded 🎤 aLive for you to Listen to 🎧 and a few also include the transcribed text with all the links and Promises!

wLL77 YouTube Podcast “Bitter or Better

wLL78 YouTube Podcast “Slapped Again

wLL79 YouTube Podcast “GOD Directs

wLL80 YouTube Podcast “Seeing Shadows

wLL81 YouTube Podcast “Accept HIS Help"

wLL82 YouTube 15-minute Podcast “What Should I Say?

wLL83 YouTube 12-minute Podcast “What Should I Do?

"Joined Together in Perfect Unity
one heart, one passion, and united in one love."
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