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4 thoughts on “Post your Praise!!”

  1. Esta lección me ha ayudado tanto, porque solo el enemigo quiere que vivamos una vida donde creamos que nuestro amado no nos ama, o que lo que hemos hecho no tiene perdón, o si pensamos que tiene fe, pero el quiere que creamos que estamos condenados a vivir una vida de derrota, que solo el señor nos va a perdonar, pero no nos va a bendecir, porque hemos perdido toda, eso es lo que el enemigo quiere que creamos, que si venimos al señor el no es justo y fiel para perdonarnos y echar al fondo del mar todos nuestros pecados y darnos una nueva vida con el. gracias por compartir.

  2. I’m unable to log in, but I want to post a praise. I have always had a love for clothes. Putting together outfits and thrifting have always been a way I get through my insecurities and my trials when life gets hard. I live in a small town. No nice restaurants, no place to wear these clothes I’ve hoarded and stored. I have been hearing the Holy Spirit gently call me to getting rid of these clothes. But I can’t. I just can’t. I don’t know what to keep. I don’t know what styles I want to keep or what colors look best on me or what is too flashy or too “try hard” . I don’t know how. I confess. I’m so stressed about it. I want to glorify God with what I wear. I will always probably love pretty clothes but I know that it can be a hindrance in ministry sometimes, especially for me and how perfectly everything has to be put together….but I’ve been learning so much in these lessons and I just know that if my Beloved is calling me to do this thing it just has to be the best. That there is a blessing on the other side. I know I can’t put it all in storage or els I’ll never do it. I am going to praise God for showing me what to keep. what to get rid of. should I give it all away or take it to consignment store etc so thank you Beloved for showing me and for your perfect patience with me.

  3. Meu Querido, mais uma vez estou aqui, já fiz esse curso da vida Abundante várias vezes, mas nunca consigo continuar, sempre aparece outras coisas que me tira do foco. Peço o teu perdão e a tua ajuda para que eu possa continuar.
    Eu quero viver a vida abundante que Você tem pra mim meu Querido. Você é Tudo que eu preciso e Tudo o que eu quero.

    My Dear, I am here once again, I have already taken this Abundant Life course several times, but I can never continue, other things always appear that take me away from my focus. I ask for your forgiveness and your help so that I can continue.
    I want to live the abundant life You have for me my Dear. You are All I need and All I want.

  4. Alors que j’ai terminé la lecon trouver la vie abondante et qu’avec vivre en abondannce je vais doucement avec.

    Quand je suis tombé sur lecon de vie je me disais j’avais besoin de comprende deja cette partie de ma vie…

    Aujourd’hui, je vois le Psaume 123 il me conduit c’est comme un code et a chaque fois je dois je me dire que chaque étape, il me conduit
    As I finished the lesson find life abundant and with living abundantly I go slowly with it.

    When I came across the life lesson I said to myself I needed to understand this part of my life already…

    Today, I see Psalm 123, it leads me, it’s like a code and each time I have to tell myself that each step, it leads me

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