Last week we discussed the results of stepping up and trusting Him in order to move up higher. So, what happens when the result of your following Him is not as you hoped, and maybe is so far beyond what you think you can handle or deal with? There’s no question we all begin to doubt and question that what you did wasn’t His plan. You wonder, “Where did I miss Him, which turn did I fail to make? God help me, am I doing things in the flesh? Why? Oh, why am I not soaring but instead am once again trudging through the deepest mud in the valley of the shadows?”

So how do we combat doubt so that we can continue living the abundant life, a life without regrets that is in no way selfish and self-centered, and that you continue to care more about others than yourself, conducting yourself as His bride?

It shows when you exhibit a calmness and regal response or reaction to what is being thrown at you or what you’re being thrown into—this reflects His love and proves (to others and to yourself) that you indeed haven’t missed Him at all. We know that throughout His life and anyone who has been called to live for Him, has encountered trials, but it’s in the peacefulness, the slow-moving and gracefulness, which speaks volumes and proves you haven’t missed Him.

When we were children we acted and reacted as such. Yet, now as we put away those childish behaviors we can confidently look into His face, finding our reassurance there—often without a word ever being spoken. Then with the gentle hand on the small of our back or the gentle taking of our hand, it’s almost as if He’s gliding us out onto a dance floor in the clouds. It’s He who will navigate us around the other couples who are whirling and swirling about. All we need to do is follow His lead. Clearly a life of no regrets.

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2 thoughts on “wLL 32 “Living Life without Regrets””

  1. Merci pour ces paroles réconfortantes, pendant un certain temps c’est moi qui est mené la danse et me suis retrouvé à patauger dans la boue avec des doutes et à grands cris…et puis comme ça avec un amour silencieux, Il m’a tendu la main. Je suis heureuse car je vis mieux maintenant, j’ai retrouvé mon Bien-Aimé et je suis émerveillée de tout ce qu’Il fait pour moi chaque jour. Je ne connais pas le mot pour décrire la plus que profonde paix que je ressens en ce moment. A chaque fois que je repense à tout ce qu’on fait ensemble, j’éclate de rire 🙂 Il m’aime, moi, celle qui ne le méritait pas. Il est tout
    Thank you for these comforting words, for a while it was me who led the dance and found myself wading through the mud with doubts and loud cries…and then like that with silent love, He stretched out his hand. I am happy because I live better now, I have found my Beloved and I am amazed at everything He does for me every day. I don’t know the word to describe the more than profound peace I feel right now. Every time I think about everything we do together, I burst out laughing 🙂 He loves me, the one who didn’t deserve it. He is everything

  2. Reread this lesson today and reaffirm that I will be able to combat any doubt that arises in my mind, and continue to live an abundant life, without regrets, and that is not selfish and self-centered, just by fixing my eyes on Him, and reacting the way He would react , it is wonderful and brings tears to my eyes with joy as more knowledge of Him settles in my mind.
    Knowing that in all my reactions, and my way of acting with other people, will demonstrate that I am in Him and in His Word, leads me to seek every day more to live His will, following Him, and not deviating or to the right or to the left.
    What I want and need is to continue to act calmly and calmly, moving slowly and gracefully, and in those areas that I still need to improve, I will try to improve myself and listen to Him, so that I don’t lose myself from Him.
    What I cry out to my Beloved is that He guide me in the right direction that He wants me to walk, and help me to completely discard the childish behaviors that still insist on being in me. May He lead me on this dance floor in the clouds, and be my Leader, so that I can definitely achieve a life without regrets.
    “Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him, and he will do it.” Psalm 37:5

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