Today I’d like to jump right into a concept that comes with a multitude of principles that I believe are so important to learn and understand (in order to) remain free—free to experience Him and His Word to the fullest.

Much of what we rely on has been our “feelings” —and as we women know our feelings are what drives most of us.

The way we are each created was perfect as it says in Psalm 139:14—“I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are Your works, and my soul knows it very well.”

With this in mind, the more we understand how we tick, how we were made, the more, I believe, we will be able to benefit from our often unpredictable emotions. He wants us to understand ourselves as women, in order to minister to other women in an "understand way", and also learn to not just give in to or give way to or deal with our emotions ourselves. Instead, our deep feelings are yet another reason why we need Him so desperately.

Let’s begin with the feelings we have when we mess up. Very often when we mess up, we come under either conviction or guilt. The difference between these two emotions is that usual or normal emotion, guilt, does not feel good.

Guilt falls under negative emotions, and condemnation is often the companion or aftermath of guilt. So since these are negative feelings that come over us, where or who do you think they come from?

Right, the enemy.

Negative feelings of guilt and condemnation are NOT from God.

Feelings of guilt and condemnation and whatever thoughts that follow are not what the Lord is telling you at all. So by simply asking yourself HOW you feel and determining if those feelings are negative, you can instantly know where those feelings and thoughts are from, NOT from Him! Instead, these negative feelings are lies and something that you need to shake off like a viper. (Read Acts 28:5 and bookmark your favorite version.)

These are the same feelings that I sense Adam and Eve probably felt, which is why they hid from God. Because another companion of guilt and condemnation is shame and shame pushes you to hide. Hide from others, hide from God, and hide your (accused of) sin.

Yet, this is exactly when we need to go to our Father or snuggle close to our Heavenly Husband. Each and every time we are in trouble due to something we sense we did wrong, we need to run to, rather than away from the Comfort and truth we need.

And, this is when we need to identify where the feelings came from: are they good or negative? That's when we run TO rather than away from the One who can set us straight and give us the truth. And when we do, that’s when we will experience His love that “casts out all fear” and also covers a “multitude” of sins and what He died for “while we were yet sinners.”

Be forewarned, the enemy is always waiting to destroy anything good you give birth to. And if he doesn’t have permission to steal it, he’ll do something clever— simply dump negative emotions on you, which make you feel you want to hide, so that he can then follow through with more of his clever schemes.

Thankfully, once we have experienced the Lord's love fully and we really experience Him as our Husband, and we cling to Him, we won’t allow ourselves to be separated from Him or allow these negative feelings to remain with us. That’s why as His bride, we need to practice and then share with women who don’t know to simply go to Him, talk to Him about everything, allowing Him to love us, to feel His forgiveness, and so that He can help us get things right with whomever.

TODAY, rather than struggling or suffering or trying to control your feelings, take each of your feelings to your HH today. He is sitting right there beside you just waiting to speak His truth of love, forgiveness, and tell you all the wonderful plans He has for your future—if you will only take everything you need to Him.

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8 thoughts on “wLL 4 “Convicted””

  1. To be honest, I rarely READ what I have been blessed to write on behalf of my Beloved, my Husband, my Maker. But today that’s exactly what he led me to do. I read through it carefully as if I was reading it for the first time. All I can say is that this one message could set so many women free who are burying their NEGATIVE feelings rather than being set free from them, by understanding the schemes that we as women fall into time after time after time.
    Do you know how YOU can help? First, by sharing your own experience. God promises that that’s the way to help others to “overcoming the wicked one” it happens by us, and by the word of OUR testimony. A testimonial. A comment. Our story.
    Then, in this place of humility and transparency, and being entirely REAL we can send this link, the URL, to whom ever her husband brings to mind. Whether or not your family or friends know you use a BNN “brand new name” in order to be transparent and pour your heart out doesn’t matter. What matters is that? God promises to use you to bring light into the world as long as you don’t mind your light.
    “No one lights a lamp 🪔 and then hides it or puts it under a basket 🧺. Instead, a lamp is placed on a stand, where its light can be seen by all who enter the house, those who come may see the light.” L1133
    Please 🙏🏻 let your light shine and leave a comment. Then simply share this link with everyone God brings to your mind and heart ❤️ .

  2. Que bendición yo leia esta lección y vino a mi mente que en estos días he estado pasando por una serie de pruebas que me han llevado a sentirme triste porque aunque he experimentado el amor de mi EC me siento por momentos que el no está como antes, y me pregunto que he hecho mal, algo me está faltando por hacer, y me hace sentirme condenada porque hace poco debido a un pedido de mi ET hice algo que no quería hacer de la cual le pedí a mi señor que me librara pero batallé mucho mucho si someterme a su pedido o si tenia alguna salida, y he tenido tanto miedo de haberle fallado a mi amado EC que la culpa y la condenación me ha abrumado por muchos momentos específicamente cuando tengo una prueba o tribulación me viene a la mente y le pregunto señor es porque te fallé o es una prueba que quieres que pase para ser libre de algo que el sabe puedo estar atada, si embargo siempre que vengo a el siento paz, pero es algo recurrente y al leer puedo ver que es algo lo cual pasamos todos y no solo el hecho de haberle fallado, pero cada vez el me muestra en cada una de estos momentos que no puedo sola, que no soy mejor que otros al tratar de hacer las cosas bien, sino que me equivoco como todos nos equivocamos, y que sin El no puedo y que el me quiere cada vez mas a su lado y que nunca es suficiente sino que es una necesidad que tenemos de ir a el a cada momento, porque el es único que puede hacernos mejor, no es algo propio de mi, sino es el, como el dice en su palabra no os embriagues con vino sino con el Espíritu Santo, y si lo comparamos asi, el que se embriaga con vino a la mañana siguiente ya se le paso, y necesita mas, asi mismo el quiere que cada dia nos embriaguemos en el Espíritu Santo, una vez no es suficiente o cuando pasemos por cosas muy duras que nos llevan a el, y oro fervientemente para que cada dia yo y todos podamos embriagarnos de el Espíritu Santo que el no ayude y nos de sabiduría para aplicar cada uno de estos principios a nuestras vidas, para experimentar una vida abundante.

    1. Mes chers épouses,
      Alors que tout comme vous je mené des batailles avec mes pensées. Hier encore je me retrouvai au pied de mon HH en lui posant la question comment faire avec ses pensées negatifs et voila qu’Erin en parle…

      Je dois a mon epoux des action de grace et la louange.

      Merci mon Dieu merci seigneur
      My dear wives,
      While just like you I fought battles with my thoughts. Just yesterday I found myself at the foot of my HH asking him the question how to deal with his negative thoughts and here Erin is talking about it…

      I owe my husband thanksgiving and praise.

      Thank you God thank you lord

  3. I have found this to be very true. I had been hanging around religious folk and I could no longer hear God. All I could hear from them is their condemnation and their “Holier than thou” attitudes. I watched them do it to others and I became like them, like I was better than other people. These are called spiritual bullies. Instead of just taking things in prayer, minding their own business, and taking their “cares” to the Lord, they find joy in other things like giving their 2 cents. I am so glad I have come here and this site gives me peace, because this sight focuses on the Holy One, and not drama. Whenever I start to remember where I was and where I am now, I give thanks to God that now instead of hearing preaching of constant criticism and spiritual oppression, I can hear my heavenly father. I used to listen to preaching rather than listen to God, and thats a dangerous place to be. I am still healing from spiritual abuse. I do not want to be that way to anyone, and I have learned from my mistakes.
    Here at RMI it is a safe place to heal, to enjoy the fellowship. and to learn to escape from even from our own pharacital tendencies. and how to shake it off when it tries to come back. I love the courses and the constant reminder to keep our focus on Christ. These are real women hear actually obeying the Lord. The book: A wise woman edifies her house by a foolish one who teared it down with her own hands. Its such a good book, and these things are never taught!! They need to be taught!! Read the book of job and if you have a pharacitical approach and are always pointing fingers read it! You wont have much to say anymore! I love this!! I love actually learning something! Here is wear I will stay! I am excited and grateful for all that God has in store for me. I am just so happy to be here and be myself, to be able to share what a wonderful thing God is doing in me and in my family! So I hope that in anything I do, it will bring more people to hear about Gods goodness and mercy. One thing I read that Ms. Theile said, the founder, was that no one came to the Lord hearing a lot of condemnation. People come to the Lord from hearing about His love and grace. I thought I was so spiritual. But I have learned my righteousness is like filthy rags, But God doesn’t say that to condemn me or anyone, He says that so that I recognize how small I am. And according to the word of God, thats a most excellent place to be, and that is where I want to stay.
    In love with Jesus
    Azariah Vasili

  4. i am grateful for this message today. I recently fell and committed adultery and I honestly was so self righteous I remember telling my husband I would never do that. I was so convicted and felt like God wanted me to sit in that conviction like how could I possibly turn to Him so quickly and feel relief so soon afterwards. I felt like I needed to swallow in it first. which having a broken and contrite heart is what he wants but not to punish myself because that’s not what he desires from me. he wants me to RUN to him. So now I know that I will counter these feelings of condemnation with scriptures that tell me of His forgiveness and I will praise Him for it. I confessed to my EH right away, and even though we are separated currently married, I knew I had to. my EH was so gracious and he showed me a mercy that I couldn’t quite believe. It showed me how poorly I had been behaving towards my EH when he messed up. I allowed my feelings to rule me and punished him and yet here he was showing compassion. thank you for this message today and I pray that God uses my story to help someone else. listen to the Holy Spirit when he tells you to run. blessings 🖤

  5. I am so grateful for my Darling Husband. I have read this living lesson a while ago but this morning my Darling showed me what He had done for me. He set me free!
    Years ago my feelings and emotions drove me and it became worse when my earthly husband left me years ago and along with that came self condemnation. It became so bad that I would think my hormones were the big problem and my earthly husband that had left me would too blame my hormones and if only I would change he would come back, so I would drink so many hormone pills just to change. I know that was a route of self-destruction and at a stage when I went to the doctor and blood tests showed that I was 21 weeks pregnant, which I was not even pregnant. I messed up my hormones with the hormone pills, not knowing what to do with all the negative feelings.
    And with this living lesson I learned that I can take all that feelings that I am struggling with to my Darling Husband and the best part ever is that He knows precisely what to do with all my feelings and emotions and I am no more on a route of self-destruction, because He set me free.
    In my distress I prayed to the LORD, and the LORD answered me and set me free. P118:5 https://biblehub.com/psalms/118-5.htm

  6. This is so true. Feelings can be so harmful yet He has allowed us to have them! I’ve been learning that my feelings, negative and positive are a opportunity to grow closer to Him. Turning over all to Him and allowing His word to wash over me and take the negative ones and replace them with things that are good and true! reality! yes reality, which is HIS reality. Stepping away from this world in a spiritual way and remembering that these feelings are a part of the human condition and He wants us to surrender those to Him and then WAIT. Don’t make any decisions, any moves, don’t even speak about our feelings to a close friend, until and only after we have brought it to HIM and given Him time. Especially fear. Fear is such a devastating one. If it is allowed to have free reign in our minds, then our lips, then our lips, it keeps us from so much.

    Such a great lesson and I am praising God for the way He has been transforming my way of dealing with my feelings, giving me a new way that leads to freedom and life!

  7. This is really good and I love the verse in Acts, we are to shake it off! Thank you Father for your deep love for me! Help me to pour it out onto others! Amen!

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