The recent lies that were said against me, though immediately I could see were strangely false, a few weeks later—I found myself actually pondering if any part of the lie was true.

I’d take each lie to my HH again, and again, and again as I’m accustomed to doing. Until just two days ago when I heard Him say, “Erin my Love, don’t you see that if you ‘choose’ to keep pondering the lies, you’ll soon begin to believe part of the lie. And if you believe even the tiniest bit of that lie, which you know is not just not true, but absurdly not true, because it’s even not based on any facts or truth—then you’re no different than those who originated and propagated that lie. You’re also giving power to the enemy just as they did.”

Do you see how hard this has been for me to wrap my head around this?

Also, let me give you an absurdity so you’ll have an easier way to understand because that’s what I asked Him to do next.

So, let’s say someone told you your eyes were blue, though you know your eyes are brown? You could begin by being agreeable, “Oh, really, blue?”

It’s not that they said, “When you wear that you’re eyes look blue” or “In this light, your eyes look blue” but instead they give you no explanation.

So then they continue, and each time you start wondering, “Are my eyes blue?” and you begin to imagine maybe you see some blue hues in your eyes.

Yes, this example is somewhat absurd, but I believe that if you ask your HH to remind you of a lie that’s been said about you, something that you honestly know isn’t true, but you’ve contemplated if it could possibly be true, then I hope this revelation can put that lie to rest.

Don’t let anything said about you, or something you’ve heard about someone else erode how you feel—allowing it to steal your joy.

As His bride, we must be different. As His bride, we don’t want to keep any lie alive nor fall into false guilt about something that is simply not true (this is what I will share about next week). Instead, rather than “giving power to the enemy” we need to make sure we use positive, loving power, HIS LOVE, HIS truth to set ourselves and others free.

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