Today I am being given the “desires of my heart” just as suddenly and entirely unexpected because, like all men, our Man loves to bless us with wonderful surprises. I’ve been eager to “minister” again rather than spending 99.9% of my time online dealing with administrative work. I don’t know how He does it, but it’s just one tiny reason why I am continually in AWE of Him—just one of the million ways that prove our HH is awesome—how He orchestrates how things happen when you least expect them.

Let me give you another one of so many examples that I could share with you, and what He whispered to me as I eagerly began writing to you from my heart.

About six months ago I was spending time with my two youngest unmarried daughters (the other 5 of my children are each happily married) both of whom were going to celebrate a significant birthday. Out of my mouth, I heard myself say something I thought “Why are you saying that?!??!” What I’d done was to offer to send them on a special-once-in-a-lifetime trip together. I didn’t retract what I said, knowing Who wanted to bless them, their Father, so of course, I went right along with it. 🙂

As they both began chatting excitedly among themselves, my thought was, “Wow, well, now how am I going to pay for this” when I instantly felt convicted—Poverty Mentality was currently running as our RF Weekly Message. So all I could do was to laugh, and then that’s when I really knew, “This is all His idea” so I just knew everything would be okay.

The dates turned out to be, not even once planned or thought of, but were just based on His leading. It turned out that the incredibly priced flights (a small fraction of what I thought it might be) and where they ultimately stayed (again, half of what the hotels had been when I was there last and He showed me a small 2 bedroom flat!!)— the date they ultimately left on is what would have been my father’s birthday!! And then if that were not enough, they returned on my youngest daughter’s 21st birthday! You see!! For as long as they live, each time either of them (or I) think or talk about it—we will always remember the dates they took their special-once-in-a-lifetime trip together!

Oh, and my silly concern about paying for it. Well, while they were there, I got an email from a dear close friend who told me that the large donation she’d recently given was thanks from her and from her husband! She said she wanted to give it to me “personally” for helping their daughter restore her marriage. Isn’t that wild? I don’t remember that happening before. But what was even more startling was that I never personally took any of the money, so it remained where I’d wanted it to be, in the ministry funds doing much more there. Would you believe that my personal account never seemed lower, not ever— not when they used my personal card for anything extra either. The truth is, I can’t explain it, I really can’t.

True, I don’t really pay much attention to money, I never have and I doubt I ever will. How many zeros or commas there are in an amount I seem to be blind to. It’s sort of like how I can’t see color, I’m somewhat “colorblind” when it comes to skin color as so many told me when I used to travel a lot and I was meeting so many of our RMI ministry members and partners and ministers. What’s nice now is that Tara travels for me and she LOVES it.

Hey, do you know what might be fun? Maybe I’ll have time now that He's reduced the number of our ministry team and so many are off beginning their own ministries for me to share a few pictures when I traveled, which so often remind me of a living lesson I could share with you. Well, if it’s Him it’ll happen easily, am I right!

What I actually had envisioned my weekly messages being an opportunity for me to share my absolute FAVORITE principles I live by! Things that I see my daughter Tara living by and what I now share with my two grandsons I am living next door to. Maybe we can do both!

Let’s pretend I live next door to you. And like I do with my daughter-in-law, we just get together at all times of the day, often without even pulling a comb or brush through our hair, no makeup, very often in pajamas (because we both just love being at home) and then we can talk about and get sooooo excited about whatever it is the Lord is doing. Are you up for this?

And oh, do, like my youngest daughter Macy does, and invite all your friends. I rarely spend time alone with my daughter alone because she’s always asking if she can invite this friend or that one along. Okay, I hope you’re excited as I am and let me say right upfront that you’re all in for a treat because I still am, and am even more lovesick than before with my HH. Sometimes I have trouble catching my breath and I tear up when I think just how “in love” I am and how much “in love” He is with me! And I am hoping you find it utterly contagious! Until next week, sending all our love to you!

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