“The thief comes only to steal, and kill, and destroy;
I came that they might have LIFE, and might have it ABUNDANTLY”!!!

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3 thoughts on “Finding the Abundant Life”

  1. By now, your relationship with your Heavenly Husband should be pretty intimate, so what do you call your HH “Heavenly Husband? Do you begin typing Dear Darling, Sweetheart, my Love in your journal? Or do you still address Him as Lord: Dear Lord, Dear God?

    If you still address Him as Deity, seated up in heaven looking down, I promise that He wants to join you—sit down right next to you! Express your love to Him by how you would address a “real” husband—not by a formal name, not even by the name his family calls him—but an endearing name, a special name, a name that expresses intimacy and love. Write in your Journal words of endearment. Remember, these are your LOVE letters to Him, to the One who is your Husband.

    “Darling, we trust You to know how to give each of your brides the encouragement she needs to feel, not just imagine Your embrace.” 

  2. This course changed my life completely!!! 😍 I didn´t know my Beloved before, I thought about Him as a Father, not even a dad. But after doing this amazing course my mind understood completely how loved I am!!! 🥰🥰🥰
    And that I deserve this abundant life because He love me first!!
    My life has never been the same!!

  3. My lover had been calling me to a deeper relationship for a long while. I found Isaiah 54 a couple of months ago and for the first time I read the words ‘your maker is your husband’ and it was like light burst out. I understand It in a different way. It became real to me. I asked my love that night to make that scripture real to me, to help me understand what it meant and to live it in reality. I found RMI a few weeks later. I read two other books before I found this one. I enjoyed them and they taught me a lot but somehow I knew there was something missing. This was it. From the first chapter I could feel my beloved speaking to me… this is how you get to experience me as your husband. I never knew I could feel such overwhelming passion and desire before. I am completely undone by the love and intimacy I have experienced through practicing the things I have read in these chapters. I cannot wait to dive deeper. I am so excited! I am so in love!

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