Last week I shared with you an amazing Revelation Regarding Lies and how IF you ponder them, it will serve to steal your joy and also keep you from being a good representation as His bride. And as His bride, we must be different because if we keep any lie alive we will soon fall into guilt about something that is simply not true, which is this week’s message.

As I said in Week 26 “Revelation Regarding Lies” I kept asking the Lord if something was true, using the principle in Psalm 139:23-24—“Search me, O God, and know my heart; try me and know my anxious thoughts; and see if there be any hurtful way in me, and lead me in the everlasting way.”

As far back as I can remember, whenever anyone tells me a fault I have or corrects me in any way, I first assume it’s true. Instead of shaking it off, thinking it couldn’t possibly BE true, I’ve always wanted to be a better person, for Him, and back when I was very young, to be better for my parents (as you may have read to your children in our new series to introduce them to the principles we are just learning now as adults). Thankfully, knowing He has been speaking to me since I was young has helped me have real conversations with Him, so now, it’s as simple as ASKING Him if something is true.

You also have this same ability, dear bride, so make this the most important habit of your life. Asking Him about everything—especially when you hear things. He knows everything and unless it’s none of your business or something He’d rather you not be concerned about, He will give you clarity and help you to know the truth. And of course, we all know the truth will set us free—free from so many things. 

Please read this: I am not taken in and deceived—nor should YOU be either—due ONLY to [us] having a true Husband.

Now, back to the truth when we’ve been told about a fault we have or have been corrected. If whatever’s been said IS true, even a small portion of it— then He simply shows me how to change, without any form of guilt whatsoever. Instead, what He shares is always filled with peace, excitement, and hope.

*So if you ever feel anything differently, not at peace or excited or hopeful when you ask Him anything, then it’s not from Him, okay?

Please read this again: I am not taken in and deceived—nor should YOU be either—due ONLY to [us] having a true Husband.

Unfortunately, this time around, I had a barrage of emails asking me if what they’d heard was true—often not citing what portion of the long enumeration, an endless list of lies they were referring to, lies they obviously believed or questioned if they were true. So because they'd be citing and stating the lies, I’d often find that I’d let one or more of the lies enter into my mind, like letting an annoying fly or mosquito into my brain that would buzz around distracting me.

Though I am completely unsure of how it happened, I began to feel a sense of fallacious guilt. Fallacious because everything said was based on a mistaken belief that was full of holes and entirely made up. And again, guilt is never from God. (To help you understand this, please read, Living Lesson Week 4-6  "Convicted" "Cover-Up" and "Accuser").

What is also so alarming is that I had no idea I’d taken on this fallacious guilt. Soon it felt like I was carrying a heavy burdensome load—not to mention that by claiming or taking possession of any false guilt means the true guilty party will never feel remorse or be allowed the conviction needed to get themselves right with God.  (Again, to help you understand this, please read, Living Lesson Week 4-6  "Convicted" "Cover-Up" and "Accuser").

Next week I will share with you how I was set free from the fallacious guilt that was making me feel worn out. 

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