The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want. He makes me lie down in green pastures;

He leads me beside quiet waters. He restores my soul. —Psalm 23: 1-3

wLL 1 “Whatever She Does, She Prospers 

wLL 2 “Delighted

wLL 3 “He Leads Me#HLM

wLL 4 “Convicted ★★★★★

wLL 5 “Cover-Up★★★★★

wLL 6 “Accuser ★★★★★

wLL 7 “Shackled and Yoked★★★★★

wLL 8 “Temptations★★★★★

wLL 9 “Two-Way Communication

wLL 10 “Useless Ditch

wLL 11 “Preachy

wLL 12 “I Should have Known!!★★★★★

wLL 13 “False Guilt and Forgiveness★★★★★

wLL 14 “DOUBLE for My Sins?!★★★★★

wLL 15 “Perchance

wLL 16 “A Greater Understanding of Ministering

wLL 17 “It's all His Idea

wLL 18 “It's Never Just 'Okay' to Disobey

wLL 19 “He Leads Me: GPS

wLL 20 “Peek Out, Don't Open the Door

wLL 21 “Sleeping in the Storms” ★★★★★

wLL 22 “The Source of your Strength

wLL 23 “Our Endless Source”  ★★★★★ includes HP and Tara's Testimony

wLL 24 “A Joyful Heart

wLL 25 “Little Lies

wLL 26 “Revelation Regarding Lies

wLL 27 “Fallacious Guilt

wLL 28 “Eve Was Deceived

wLL 29 “Eyes were Open

wLL 30 “Countenance Fallen

wLL 31  “Moving Up Higher

wLL 32  “Living Life without Regrets

wLL 33  “An Understanding Way

wLL 34  “Hover

Thank You Partners because as He says, "Where your treasure is, there your Heart 💖 is also"!

Open the Windows of Heaven over your life, tithe, and Become a Partner!

To go higher, please move on to Advanced Living Lessons.

                        ⭐️ Brand New ⭐️

A new eBook and new chapters are coming! Join us in trusting that this is the appointed time for all this to happen "for such a time as this."

1 thought on “Living Lessons”

  1. Hola, qué maravilla, mi amado es bueno.
    se que este libro será de gran bendición como todas nosotras🙌, lleno de mucha sabiduría y promesas de nuestro amado.

    Con la ayuda de mi amado espero poder pronto comenzar a escribir la novela de mi vida y la fidelidad de mi amado para conmigo ❤️❤️
    Hello, how wonderful, my beloved is good.
    I know that this book will be a great blessing like all of us🙌, full of much wisdom and promises from our loved one.

    With the help of my beloved I hope to soon begin writing the novel of my life and the fidelity of my beloved to me ❤️❤️

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