About our Love at Last Ministers

💗 Our Love at Last Ministers are Certified Abundant Life Coaches many are still IOU Students who are currently taking the Abundant Life Coach 7 Courses. Along with their courses, they are given the opportunity to have practical hands-on ministry training, such as ministering to broken-hearted women who have filled out our Marriage Encouragement Questionnaire, which is posted on the blog, as well as blog—posted 🥳 praise.

 Certified 💗 Abundant Life Coaches 💗

Finding the Abundant Life

“The thief comes only to steal, kill, and destroy;
I came that they might have LIFE and might have it ABUNDANTLY."

Adina Jacobs VC IOU 🇿🇦🇺🇸
Yvonne vd Hoff PM 🇿🇦🇺🇸

🎓IOU Students Working towards their
💗 Abundant Life Coach Certificate 💗

And Serving On LoveAtLast

Hope Andrews 🇺🇸
Nelly Moses 🇪🇸🇩🇴
Isabella Peterson 🇪🇸🇨🇷
Janine Saaiman 🇿🇦🇺🇸
Marta Esther 🇧🇷

To become one of our 💗 Abundant Life Coach 💗 Students, please enrol here:
IOU: 🎓 QuickStart Enrollment Application

~ Erin Thiele is the founder of Restore Ministries International and the author of most of our books documenting her extensive Restoration Journey over three decades. 

In late 2023, Erin began offering her ministries as LMF to the women who had been working as RMI’s Ministry Team Members so they could work independently, though as One Body with the other LMFs. This has allowed Erin to focus on writing and overseeing her 38 Ministry Branches 🌿on 25 Websites Cloud Properties she built over the course of 33 years.

Even though Erin is no longer ministering after passing the torch to RMIOU Graduates and the passionate Ministers currently being trained, she smiles at the future, anticipating what her Beloved has in store for her.

5 thoughts on “About”

  1. Are RMIOU Students being given the opportunity to post a weekly blog as they take each course? Using all your MTRs to approve comments and post and reply to comments?


    I don’t believe a person can learn unless given the opportunity and being assigned; I see, besides Adina VC and Yvonne (though I don’t see her level), Hope is on the page, but going back to September, I don’t see MTR students.

    Knowing these were designed based on doctor training, He led me to look at what the differences are: “Residents are supervised by attending physicians. When you receive care from a resident, you are also receiving care from their attending physician. This means you’ll benefit from the experience and knowledge of both.”

    Can you let us know if we can begin seeing more lessons from more MTR who are taking the Love At Last courses and can share what they’re learning while encouraging the readers to do the course with them?

  2. I have assigned the MTR students to start sharing praises here as they do their lessons on LoveatLast and also to approve comments according to the PR guidelines and using His name when they visit the site.

    1. I will share more specifically how to encourage your IOU ALC Students to adhere to https://loveatlast.org/bb/ rather than offering “island” praises. Basically, it means posting praise but commenting UNDER the lesson itself. Also, not to teach what’s been taught, but to use the power of the “word of their testimony” by what happened when they applied what they learned to their life, their situation, and because it’s LOVE at Last, how it resulted in a closer, more intimate relationship with their Husband, their Maker.

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