Last week we veered off and I shared a promise that could save you an enormous amount of frustration— keeping you in perfect peace—by explaining that Selfish Ambition = Confusion. This week I’d like to share something that seems elementary, something we as brides surely do instinctively, and yet— I often discover after struggling with something—I simply forgot to Ask. To simply Ask Him.

For the past few weeks one of the dearest of all ministers has been going through tremendous trials and valleys in her personal life. I’d left her some encouragement in her virtual office in the form of how our HH had opened the doors to expand her ministry and that I needed her to write a short welcome to her brides, to which she replied, “Unfortunately I'm afraid I don’t have anything to say. I simple can write or encourage anyone at this moment. I feel empty, I am tired :(. The problem is not God, or my restoration, I know He can do it, and surely will do it very soon, even if the divorce is actually taking place (as my husband requested). But I have to confess, I don’t want restoration anymore. I can’t explain it here. Have a great blessed weekend :)”

We’ve all been there, haven’t we? We are empty, tired and have nothing more to give. We’re spent. The unknown, the unspoken, it’s all just too much. Yet, there is something that I can’t remember ever failing to refresh me and rid me of burdens that are the cause of my feeling tired, unable to go on. It’s as simple as asking my HH a series of questions. 

The Questions that I ask Him, funny enough—I know the answers to! And yet, by actually hearing ourselves ask each one, then hearing His answer, it causes our minds and hearts to rest. 

So here are a series of questions I might ask if I were facing what our minister was going through:

“Darling, my Love, are You there?
“Yes, I’m here.”

“My Love, what can I do to help me go on?”
“Trust Me.”

“Darling, do You know the outcome of this pending divorce?”
“Yes, and it will work out for your good, my Bride. Trust Me. I love you more than you could ever imagine or dream I do.”

“Sweetheart, is it okay that I don’t want restoration anymore? Are you disappointed in me?”
“What brings me joy is that you want Me and my love above everything and everyone else.”

By this time I am feeling peaceful but I don’t stop. As He prompts me, I continue asking questions, hearing His answers— leaving ever concern, burden or question I have with Him and each is replaced with His whispered truths. I am left with elated bliss! And should the enemy taunt me about anything I’ve discussed with my HH, I simply remind myself of His answer before any old burdens take hold of me.

More than ever, my passion is to encourage every woman to find her HH, not in name only, nor as a religious experience— but in an intimate relationship. A relationship that will result in her having the same sort of conversation a bride would have with her Lover, her Bridegroom. 

Yes, of course, it will feel strange at first, it may seem ludicrous or disrespectful (He being the Son of God) and yet—it’s not only what will change your life—changing the way you look and feel. It’s the type of relationship your Beloved is longing to have with you! It’s the kind of glow, the smile, the peace that will also attract everyone around you to Want What You Have.

Isaiah 30:18—

“Therefore the LORD longs to be gracious to you, and therefore He waits on high to have compassion on you.”

Today, right now, and again when you go to bed tonight, have a similar conversation with your HH. Then after you do, ask Him to remind you to submit a praise report about your experience. Ask Him to remind you to also share this with another bride or would-be bride (someone you know who just needs to feel loved!)—which I share more about in next week’s Living Lesson.