“Enter by the narrow gate;
for the gateway to life is
very narrow and the road is difficult,
and only a few ever find it.”

“'I came that [you] might have life, and might have it abundantly”!


Our LoveAtLast.ORG web pages are sorted into categories to help guide you from your RJ Restoration Journey on through your ALF "Abundant Life Journey," sharing and introducing principles and promises as you grow spiritually.


Our BASIC Member Courses

If you're NEW begin here with:

  1. Fellowship Courses

    1. Finding the Abundant Life

    2. Living the Abundant Life

    3. Living Lessons 1-34

    4. Salvation Stories

Our Partner 

If you've completed all of our Basic Courses (above), please enjoy and be spiritually fed from our:

  1. Advanced Fellowship Courses

    1. Poverty Mentality

    2. Moving Mountains

    3. Advanced Living Lessons

    4. Gentry & Tara's Love Story

*If you don't have access to Advanced Fellowship Course pages, then be sure you've submitted the My PARTNER Commitment.

RMIOU Students

If you are one of our our RMIOU Students 🎓 and you're working through completing your Courses (above) for your ALC Certificate, please enjoy and be spiritually fed with:

  1. He Healed Me

  2. Restore Your Relationships

  3. Restore Your Health

  4. Restored as His Bride

  5. Ministry Commitments

If you are interested in these lessons, be sure you prayerfully consider and speak to your Husband, your Maker, about enrolling in

RMIOU as a Ministry Student


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