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Becoming "A Church without Walls”

Learn how we “Fellowship” with Him
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Honestly, are these Principles in this Lesson Really Valid?
"Your testimonies also are my delight; they are my counselors"— Psalm 119:24
“For by wise guidance you will wage war, and in abundance of counselors there is victory!” —Proverbs 24:6.

★★★★★ “What Prolonged My Journey”

I have finally realized the mistakes I have made that led to the destruction of my marriage. I have continued on rebellion and prolonged my restoration by holding onto my ways and self-sufficiency keeping RMI as "one" of my spiritual resources. I am now keenly aware of how being in multiple ministries can toss me around in confusion and allegiances prolonging my journey. I need to focus my efforts and be encouraged from one source, the one that is feeding where I am hurting the most, my relationships, my marriage, and my family. I want to be a part of restoration fellowship because I need to surround myself with women are doing the same things as me, in the same struggles and facing the same challenges. I need support on how to become HIS bride before I can be the kind of earthly bride that I was meant to be. I need support to become the woman God designed me to be and believe RMI to be that resource. A source that will not point to itself, but rather to the Lord behind it all. ONE leader, the LORD, with His brides, each seeking His direction for our lives.

I was born and raised as a Catholic and was devout the traditions and expressions of that faith for most of my life and most of my marriage life. It as in 2010 that I came to understand and accept that I had never accepted what Jesus did on the cross for ME. I was brought to a new understanding of my own sinfulness and need for a savior. I always believed in what Jesus had done for the world, but had never believed it for me personally. I made a personal and public declaration of my acceptance of Jesus as my Lord and was baptized as an adult in 2010 at our non-denominational church. I arose from that water desiring to go deeper with Him and acutely aware of how much I DIDN'T know about him despite previously feeling pretty confident in my faith. Since then, He has walked closely with me, guiding me towards Him and teaching me his word. In the last 4 years, I have learned to hear from him in his WORD like never before. I love to read his truths, I love to pray to him and see his work in my heart and in my life. He is everything to me, especially now that most things have been taken from my life that I held so dear. I have lost my husband to divorce, my kids to joint custody but have gained so much from his daily walk with me. I am so grateful that he reached down to me that day in 2010 and reveal Himself to me that day because without a REAL relationship with Him, I have no idea what this journey would have done to me.

When I first considered letting go of my church, I put it off as the thought "applying to someone else". God would not take me from my place of solace would He? He would not take away yet another one of my loves would He? The truth is, yes, He is and He will in order to show me that HE is my ONE, TRUE, ONLY love. I do not need anything but HIM and he will prove himself worthy of my devotion if only I give Him that rightful place. He is a jealous God and I have put everything, my husband, kids, bible study fellowship, church, extended family, friends, material possession before HIM. He will not relent until I am completely devoted to HIM.

So, yes, I am letting go of my beloved church because I have loved it more than HIM. I am also letting go of it because I am in need of his spiritual covering. Hanging on to a church that is not encouraging the true principles of restoration is only prolonging my restoration journey. As with anything in this journey, if letting go of something temporarily for the sake of leaving room for God to do a drastic transformation and work in my life. May God have the glory. I am only in the first week of this release of my church and actually haven't even made it through the Sunday yet (it is saturday right now) but I am faithful and encouraged by the other testimonies of women who felt they should let go and received such grace and truth and freedom in the process of that obedience. It will be the hardest test of obedience to not attend church but I am trusting the Lord to make it worthwhile to focus directly on Him.

~ Heather in Texas


★★★★★ "Struggled for a Year"

I struggled with letting go of my church for almost a year. I SG concerning this matter but it wasn't until later in the year that I felt a peace with leaving my church. I realized that when I was in church, I wasn't concentrating and sometimes I would stay in the car to wait for my children so we could leave right after the service. I didn't feel led to go to another church because I want to spend time in the presence of the Lord without being restricted to just 2 hours of services a week. I really desire to have an intimate relationship with Him. Also, I didn't want my mind contaminated with all sorts of advice instead wanted to remain with this ministry who’s been feeding me. I'm glad that I'm at peace with my decision because I know it is the Lord leading me. I don't miss church anymore and neither do my children.

~ Joan in Kenya


★★★★★ “Got Out of the Boat”

Letting go of anything familiar is hard. Even if it is an unpleasant thing. I have been apprehensive to do anything including going to church because sometime his sermon would only make me feel worse. Of course it was not the pastor's fault or anyone else's. But Restoration Fellowship 'feeds' my spirit with what I need. I need to grow in a true intimate relationship with my Lord and Savior. The messages here are laser focused on helping with my feelings and the road I am traveling. I have felt closer to God in the past few weeks through Restoration Fellowship than all my years of attending church. It didn't seem right at first but I am so glad I took a leap of faith and got out of the boat.

It’s about just letting go, and  the idea of the Lord being my Husband. All the awesome things that have been happening before my eyes are because of Him. Every time something wonderful happens, I know it is because He loves me. When I think of Him as my provider (like I used to think of my husband), I realize just how good He is. This is the fairy tale marriage I have always dreamed of but even better. I wake up and spend time in the Word, He tells me He loves me. Anytime during the day I need Him, He is NEVER too busy for me. When I am sad, He comforts me. When I am full of joy, He dances with me. Anytime I do something special like go on vacation or go to a show, He arranged it. He is perfect! I am so glad I have been encouraged to think this way. It truly makes life so much better!

~ Diane in Texas


★★★★★ “In My Genes”

I grew up in church. My father was an evangelist and so church was 'in my genes' as I knew nothing else.

However, knowing Him personally began after the crisis of my marriage separation. That is when I came to know Him personally and looking back, He has always been trying to get my attention.

This for me is a very big milestone as I have grown in the church all my life. It was in my genes with my father being an active evangelist in a pentecostal church. My mother is a loving but strong willed woman also, and so much of my upbringing was dependent upon her approval. These 2 reasons were the main reasons I struggled.

However, God gave me the revelation through the resources provided in the teachings from Erin, and of course His Word that He wants me to depend upon Him only. That He wants a personal, intimate relationship with me and letting go of my church was one of the ways He prompted me. In obedience to Him I let go over time - first my activities and then my attendance. I have seen the fruits of obedience in my own life since starting these teachings and applying the principles. I could not then be disobedient - not with the relationship I have with my HH now, knowing that He only wants the very best for me. In fact, worrying about what other people think or feel is one of the things He is freeing me from on this restoration journey. It is about Him and putting Him first whilst having a gentle quiet spirit. It is about listening for His direction and leading and this is what He is leading me to do NOW. At this MOMENT. And so I follow where He leads knowing He is my HH and the Good Shepherd. He is also the WAY and so I know He is able.

Also, my EH is not a church-goer at all and part of the teaching from the Word is that our EHs are our spiritual leader. I wanted to give my EH the opportunity to be our spiritual leader rather than being rebellious. I've only just recently let go and like everything else, I am trusting God on the outcome and next steps as I obey Him.

~ Nellie in Scotland, Pentecostal


★★★★★ “At First Felt Strange”

Letting go of my Church has been the number 1 factor in allowing me to have a more intimate and personal relationship with my HH. I hadn't realised this until I let go, and although at first it felt strange it made me press into getting to know Him more.

Since letting go I have what I now call relationship. I began to hear and know His voice and we became intimate.

Please don't be afraid of letting go. Follow it through and you will realise that it is one of the best things will have happened to you in terms of your intimacy with your HH.

~ Nadine, Pentecostal


★★★★★ “Our Knight in Shiny Armour!”

Ladies, no church is going to compare to this Fellowship. Yes, it is hard to let go of your church and your church friends. And yes, it maybe hard for many people to understand why you are letting go. Many will tell you that you are "backsliding" or this is the enemy trying to attack you. But you will know when the time is right, He will provide the perfect time for this new step in your journey. This church is filled with believers who are just like you. They too are looking for a life changing new relationship with our HH. Don't rush into this, but allow Him to lead you.

Dear Brides, HE is the great Protector!! HE will continue to protect you from things that want to hurt you and your heart. No battle is too big or too small for Him. I smile when I think of Him as my “knight in shiny armour.” We as little girls always dream that someday a prince will ride in and save us. That day is when we give our hearts to our HH. He is that Prince. He longs to be all we need and want!! So brides give up the fight and allow Him to cover you in His love!

I long to dwell in your tent forever and take refuge in the shelter of your wings. (Psalm 61:4 NIV)

This is one of my favorite verses!! I do long to dwell in His “tent” forever.

He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart. (Psalm 91:4 NIV)

I love how this both these verses talk about His wings and Him being a shelter.

~ Delfina

More than a Million; How Can I Choose One?


★★★★★ "He will Lead You Out"

Letting go of the "church" was one of the hardest things for me to do. But looking back it was what was needed to bring me closer to Him. Don't expect people to understand but know in your heart it is what will bring you closer to the Lord. That relationship is what is the "MOST" important!

One thing I love about RF is that I don't ever remember at church someone talk so freely of His love for us. I don't ever remember how we should look to Him as our HH. RF has led me into a new relationship with someone I feel I would never have met which is my HH, unless I had came here. There will be a time and place for letting go of your church, don't rush this but know that He will lead you out.

~ Leslie


★★★★★ “Sunday School at Home”

I have a lot to be thankful for. First and foremost, my HH. He speaks to me more and more everyday. But the most important thing about this blessing is that He has given me the ability to see and hear Him speak. Thank you HH. There have been questions that just run through my mind throughout the day... Then I hear my mind speak, "Seek God". Seeking God is one of the principles that I try to keep close in my heart and thoughts. "But if from there you seek the Lord your God, you will find Him if you seek Him with all your heart and with all your soul." -Deuteronomy 4:29

Seeking my HH has brought me into such a close relationship with Him, that every time I make a decision I look to Him either before or afterwards to see what He thinks. On those days of weariness and wonderment, I seek my HH for direction and strength. He brings me such a peace that every time I am engulfed with information from the other side of the mountain, I dismiss it as a scheme of the enemy and ask my HH to build a hedge of thorns around me for protection. And He does. Thank you HH!

I knew through my RYM lessons and the books that I have read "Facing Divorce" and

"How God Can and Will Restore Your Marriage", it would be wise to cease going to a traditional church throughout my RJ. This wasn't hard since I did not regularly attend church service where I was a member. However, I struggled to try and figure out how I would keep my four children (2 teens and 2 young children) connected to the Lord and His Word. Many ideas pondered through my mind as the days passed. I considered sending them to Sunday school while I worshiped at home, then I'd pick them up later. I decided that this wouldn't work. I did not want to be questioned by members of the church as to why I send the kids but do not fellowship myself. I also did not want anyone asking the kids why I don't come to church. I also was plagued with thoughts of whether or not my children would be taught the principles that I was now discovering. Then one day a thought just came over me right out of the blue. "If you are your own church, then why can't Sunday school be held in 'your' church?" Hallelujah!! He has spoken again! I finally got the answer. Thank you HH!

What better way to ensure their peace, safety and good teachings, than through their mother? I got so excited. I began looking for devotionals for children. I found some that are given on a weekly basis and they specifically pertain to children of all ages that may or may not be experiencing challenges. I figured I would use the devotional to "lead me" until I got the hang of it on my own. Wonderful! I notified the children that they would be attending a new Sunday school on Sunday morning at 11am. They were not too thrilled and asked where the classes would be held. When I told them that I would be teaching and that the classes would be at the dining room table, they were puzzled, but seemed interested. My oldest child seemed the least interested. But I kept the faith and when the morning came to start class, I was so excited. I asked my HH for guidance and prayed that the kids would enjoy themselves. I began by reading the devotional to the children from my laptop and ended with a Q & A portion. During the devotional, I would often read the verse that was presented, but before proceeding, I would touch basis on the verse, what it meant to me, and then what it meant to the kids.

I was so afraid in the beginning that I would not know what to say, have enough to say or just not be able to keep them interested. Oh boy was I wrong! We had a wonderful class and the kids told me that they enjoyed it, especially my oldest child. Hallelujah! The class was supposed to last 45 minutes, but it lasted about an hour and twenty minutes! I was overjoyed. The kids had so much to say and ask about. It was through my HH that this was possible. “'If you can’?” said Jesus. “Everything is possible for one who believes.” Mark 9:23

It's not about Stepping out in Faith as much as it is about "Standing Firm" in your faith. Just believe! Thank you My Heavenly Husband!

“For My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways,’ declares the Lord. ‘For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways, and My thoughts than your thoughts.” (Isaiah 55:8–9)

Sometimes I get weary and sometimes I wonder what I did so bad to cause my FH to marry the OW. However, through scripture and my HH's reassurance, I was told that I should stand firm in my faith.

“Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible. (Matthew 19:26)

“Then the righteous will answer him, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you something to drink? When did we see you a stranger and invite you in, or needing clothes and clothe you? When did we see you sick or in prison and go to visit you? The King will reply, Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” (Matthew 25:37-40)

I am truly amazed at how good my HH has been to me. I know that I am not worthy of His blessings. The closeness that we share, the way that He provides for me and how often He speaks to me. What have I done for my HH to be so good to me? Well, He spoke to me in ways that I won't mention, but I got: Being obedient to His word, helping others, forgiving others, etc., has led to these blessings. Whenever I do good for someone else...I have done good for Him...My HH. Thank you!

~ April in Florida


★★★★★ “Oh Daddy, Can I Pray First!!”

"Praise God who did not ignore my prayer and did not withdraw His unfailing love from me." (Psalm 66:20)

It just brings a smile to my face when I reflect on how amazingly awesome our Beloved is. During the course of my Restoration Journey, I came to learn the importance of ensuring our EH was our spiritual leader. I left my church and put away all of the “holy” things that could be perceived. I didn’t read my Bible or sing praise and worship music in front of him. I waited to do all of these things when he was gone, and PTL my Beloved allowed him to be gone from our home for long periods of time, which allowed me ample opportunity to be alone with my Love. It was during these quiet moments alone with my HH that I prayed that if it be His will that when He restored my marriage that He also prepare my EH to become our spiritual leader. Well, ladies today I am giving thanks to my Heavenly Love because this is just another prayer answered.

Earlier this week my EH announced that we would begin every single morning with family prayer. He said that before we did anything, including brushing our teeth, that we would start our day with prayer. WOW!!! This is coming from a man that stopped going to church when he moved out of his parents home and his mother could no longer force him to go! Now, he is earnestly seeking the will that our HH has for his life. This is just truly amazing and a wonderful miracle to witness. His earnest desire to seek our HH has led to an amazing peace throughout our home, and my two oldest children too are genuinely interested in establishing an intimate relationship with our Heavenly Love!!! When we gather to pray my oldest son eagerly shouts “Oh Daddy, can I pray first!!” It brings tears to my eyes and I am just so filled with praise!

I am in awe at how incredible my Journey has been with Him! I am so thankful for the moments of peace and prosperity that He provides, but I am most thankful for the darkness, sorrow, and affliction experienced. It was through the latter that I pressed into Him more, and really came to know who He was. It was during these times that I was more in tune with Him and very aware of how He was blessing me. While these times were not fun and often filled with tearful sowing, I am thankful that He also promises joyful reaping and shouting!!! Those who sow with tears, will reap with songs of joy. (Psalms 126:5 NIV)

I want to encourage you today to continue to hold His hand and stay the course that He has ordained for you! He is with you, planning, directing, and orchestrating the outcome so that you can find the abundant life here on earth until we transition to the everlasting eternal with Him! I pray your strength and endurance!!

“You have turned my mourning into dancing for me; You have taken off my sackcloth and clothed me with joy” (Psalm 30:11-12 AMP)

"Praise God who did not ignore my prayer and did not withdraw His unfailing love from me." (Psalm 66:20)

“Those who sow with tears, will reap with songs of joy.” (Psalms 126:5 NIV)

“You have turned my mourning into dancing for me; You have taken off my sackcloth and clothed me with joy.” (Psalm 30:11-12 AMP)

~ Cierra restored


★★★★★ “All-Encompassing Compassionate Love”

This week I finished my first 7-day fast and learned so much. I learned that you can do so much with nothing but God's strength. I don't need food like I always felt like I did. Except for at the beginning of my awful separation when I was too sick to eat, I always felt like I would die without snacks and meals. I did a few 1-day fasts and by dinner the next day I was cranky and starving. But when I did this one I was fine. I don't lust after food as bad as i did before and i can eat less and still feel satisfied.

I had energy and drive to clean and keep up on my housework and discovered I enjoyed it and wanted to do it! This is amazing to me. Before the separation and while I was working, everything was a dreaded chore. But to learn that it is what God wants of me, that it is my job given by Him as a woman, wife and mother, it's a wonderfully beautiful thing I am so very happy to do. I also learned that I enjoy not being able to yell and get worked up at my kids. I didn't have the breath to yell and it felt good. I didn't have the energy or care to argue with my grandfather either when, on the very last day of my fast, he called out of worry for me because of losing my job and my financial situation. He was very, kindly and lovingly, demanding that I pursue help from my EH, to seek child support or whatever it takes, he even threatened, in a nice way, to go to the military personally to "take him for all he can" for me. Through it all I was able to just sit there and listen quietly and reassure him that I understand his concern and that I am seeking help from my "Husband" and that I love him very much. I didn't need to argue with him about my stand or what "Husband" I was referring to. When he hung up I just giggled at Satan's weak attempt to bring me down and thanked God for such caring and loving family.

I have to be honest, the last day was really hard. After having a pretty easy first 6 days, the last is when the hunger got pretty awful, but as with the rest of the week I just opened my Bible and read and it would go away. I have to say it was a lot of wonderful time spend in the Word and with my Love. The best part of the week though was Sunday. I had learned in one of the lessons during the week that I needed to let go of my church. The idea of this was really hard for me, they are my family. It is where I was born and raised and where I returned after some rebellious time away. They are so supportive and wonderful, but I decided to take the leap and trust. That it was the right thing for my relationship with the Lord and to allow my husband to grow in his new faith and become the spiritual leader of the family, the role which I have always held. I messaged my pastor and let him know that I would be absent and that it was nothing against him or anyone else there. He was concerned but said he loves me and will keep me in his prayers. He is such a wonderful pastor. Anyway come Sunday I didn't say anything to my boys because I knew they would throw a fit and it would be a fight, they love going.

After working out and showering I sat down to read one of the lessons. As I was reading some of the testimonies something struck me. I was so overwhelmed. Every word and story I read was so beautiful. The more I read, the more this powerful overwhelming feeling of love came over me. It's like nothing I have ever felt before. It was so strong all I could do was kneel down and cry. I literally felt like I would burst from it. It was amazing! And I realized, this is what I had sought when I went to church. I was expecting the church worship or sermon to show me this love. I don't have to go to church to find the amazing, all-encompassing compassionate love of my Heavenly Husband! Wow! I just needed to Let Go and allow His presence to present itself in me. I understand why He doesn't fully open us up to that continually. Our physical bodies cannot handle that kind of powerful love in full. Just thinking about it makes cry and feel so full of His love and like I'm just going to explode with love and life. I hope each and every one of you get the chance to experience it. I just can't put into words how so absolutely wonderful it is. This is the love we live for. It truly is Amazing Love!

“See what amazing love the Father has given us! Because of it, we are called children of God. And that’s what we really are! The world doesn’t know us because it didn’t know him. Dear friends, now we are children of God. He still hasn’t let us know what we will be. But we know that when Christ appears, we will be like him. That’s because we will see him as he really is. Christ is pure. All who hope to be like him make themselves pure.” (1 John 3:1-3)

“In this the love of God was made manifest among us, that God sent his only Son into the world, so that we might live through him.” (1 John 4:9)

He loves us and He sent His son Who Is Love!

~ Brooke in Montana restored


★★★★★ “Heard Him in Solitude”

I believe my HH has called me here to this ministry to show me that there is a better way of living through faith in Him. I don't think I would have made it here if it weren't for the collapse of my marriage, among other things. My life had become completely unmanageable. Since I had broken off with my church many years ago, it was not such a stretch of faith to let go. I've had occasion to go to church since, at the request of my daughter, and found that there were so many distractions that it was very difficult to really hear the message, especially after months of prayer and meditation done in solitude with my HH. I have come to a greater understanding in these last months than in all the years I spent in Catholic school and church. I was being taught religion, and the Bible was never studied. Developing a personal relationship with my HH is fostering that sense of peace that has eluded me for most of my life.

~ Angelina in Georgia


★★★★★ “I Was Deceived”

Good Morning Dear Brides!!! Love for you all. I want to encourage you if you

to stop struggling with ‘leaving your church” and just obey our HH.

"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I also will reject you from being My priest. Since you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children"—Hosea 4:6.

I will share my pain and ruin with you so you may not suffer as I am still because of my past sin as Erin teach us here in RMIEW one of the most powerful or destructive principles in the Word of God concerns being submissive to authority. All authority. In the first lesson of "My Spiritual Leader" I learn how we should make room to our husband become our spiritual leader. Well, I failed all, first I failed recognizing my husband as my leader and because of that I failed making room for him to be my leader. My spiritual arrogance and proud attitude (I didn’t notice, my sin made me blind) pushed my husband to stop going to church, and a few months later my teenager boys stopped also. I used to blame my EH for it all. I was deceived, and destroyed my home myself. I believed my church covered our home spiritually, my EH didn't read the Bible, so how could him be our leader? All lies, and I also believed that I had to attend church to congregate be faithful to the Lord.

"…not forsaking our own assembling together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another; and all the more as you see the day drawing near”’—Hebrews 10:25

I never heard any preacher teaching that "fellowship" does NOT have to be done IN a church, that we could do it only at home. I heard them teaching that we were church - yes - but we had to come to church (wall church) to be faithful to the Lord, and someday our husband would also follow us. And I did so, waiting my miracle - the day my 3 sons and EH would turn back their hearts to the Lord. Seven years passed, I was hurting so bad, so much, I believed I was waiting for the Lord to turn their hearts, trusting in Him. But the pain was always there,day and night, finally I cried, and kept crying to the Lord, “O Lord, how long shall I cry for help, and you will not hear?” (Habakkuk 1:2 ESV) and I did as the psalmist “ At evening, morning, and midday, I complain and moan so that God will hear my voice.” (Psalm 55:17 CEB). “All day long my disgrace confronts me, and shame covers my face” (Psalm 44:15) and finally I prayed “See whether I am on an evil path. Then lead me on the everlasting path.” (Psalm 139:24.)

I begged HH to do anything He needed to do, but please bring my family back to church (I thought the church means Lord). PTL, PTL, HH heard me and brought me to RMIEW!!! As soon as I read about leaving the wall church, and giving room to EH be my authority, immediately I realized and repent from my sin (my evil path). I had all my life usurped EH position of authority.

Please ladies for your own sake   I encourage you to let it go, let go of hanging onto your church, and experience the freedom and power of living this truth in your own life! Even if you don’t understand or see, just obey. You all have a good teacher of the Word, and have so many testimonies...I am sure you don't want to feel the pain and the regret i am feeling.

PTL for His forgiveness AND for all RMIEW teachings. I am fellowshipping in a friend’s house, I am free from all lies that I believed for so many years that led me and my family to spiritual ruin..

"...also greet the church that is in their house" (Romans 16:5)

"Greet the brethren who are in... the church that is in her house" (Colossians 4:15)

I am learning to be still and waiting for the Lord to move in my EH life, turning his heart back to him, and also in my son's heart that are young adults now (20, 22 and 23yo). I am learning to be HIS bride, enjoying my journey with HIM. I know our HH is very faithful to His word, and His word will be real in my family.

“They replied, ‘Believe on the Lord Jesus and you will be saved, and your entire household.’" (Acts 16:31 TLB)

And very soon I will be PTL and saying,

"I have no greater joy than this, to hear of my children walking in the truth" (3 John 1:4)

~ Ana Claudia in Brazil


★★★★★ “That’s When Confusion Sets In”

In the beginning of my RJ, it was very hard to understand not going to church. Now I am so grateful that I did let go because I have learned more after letting go of the church then I ever learn being there. I have also let go of emails from other ministries too. It has been a year. Since leaving He has opened my eyes to seeing how others(ministries,churches) can be closed minded. It is very freeing for me to be taught by Him. I know longer am longing to be in a building. I am the building be taught by the best. Obeying His voice and lead. When He places others in my life that don't agree with me, that I remain quiet and gentle.

Pray with me:

Dear Heavenly Father,

I thank You for opening my heart fully to this ministry.

I thank You for Your forgiveness when I have gotten frustrated.

I know this I where You have led me to be.

Dear Fellow Traveler,

When you commit to something, take it to Him first always. He will make it clear to you as to where He wants you. Then commit fully. Once you fully commit all confusion goes away. It is when we are hearing from all directions and " trying" to hear from Him that confusion sets in. That is when some would walk away from the new change and go back to old ways ( leaning on your own understanding). Remember He chose us for the journey to make changes. Our old way of being must die in order for new.

Luke 16:13-14—

“No servant can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or else he will be devoted to one and despise the other.”

I did not see this verse in this way before. this journey has been Wonderful and I am honored to have been chosen. Just like we cannot have one foot in the world and one foot with Him, we cannot do that with ministry because confusion comes in when we do. I praise Him for this Truth.

Be Encouraged,

~ Heather in Massachusetts


★★★★★ “Made Me Vulnerable”

For me I learned a very hard lesson. When I did join a church, I fell into the trap of actually getting involved with a married man at the church. Thankfully I learned from being here and going through the lessons that I am not covered when I attend church by myself, and the devil is just waiting for an opportunity to make women vulnerable, which we are. So for me it was a very hard lesson. I am not saying it can happen to you, but it happened to me. So anything is possible. It is clearly not worth the risk.

~ Mercy

Months later also from Mercy

So, here I go again ....Several months ago I reunited with a family friend after 14 years and she invited me to attend their church. The very next morning I went. I really enjoyed the service and the fellowship and decided to try it out for a month and see where it leads. I then let the the Ministry know that I decided to continue attending and would not longer then be part of the RMI "Church Without Walls" but would remain part of the Ministry.

After some time it became evident that there were a couple of the male members that started to show a interest and was wanting to pursue a relationship with me outside of the church walls even after I had made it perfectly clear that I was standing for my marriage.

I started thinking that maybe I should never have joined the church in the first place and had a uneasy feeling about it. Although I thoroughly enjoyed the sermons and made some good friends and experienced wonderful moments during our prayer meetings—I felt that I needed to let go.

As the new year approached and I was looking at the church schedule I had to make a decision to either involve myself more into the church or let go completely. I sought God in prayer, read the lessons on "My Spiritual Leader" a couple of times then read and re-read the Letting go of your Church testimonies and felt God leading me to let go.

It is Sunday today and only the second week after letting go and know in my heart and soul that I made the right decision.The first time I let my church go I believe was mainly because I sought restoration and wanted to make space for my husband to become the spiritual leader in our home. This time I let go because I wanted God and only God, no pastor or elder or friend or anyone else to be my Spiritual Leader. To God all the glory and the praise for teaching me the truth through RMI.

Dear precious friend as you read my testimony the church can also be used as a playground for the devil not only those standing on the pulpit preaching untruths but also those sitting in the congregation who very innocently gets used by the evil one to steal our souls. Sit and wait patiently making room for Him alone and when the time is right we will rejoice with our EH standing at our sides praising and worshipping the LORD for all He has done.

Romans 15 1-2 Those of us who are strong and able in the faith need to step in and lend a hand to those who falter, and not just do what is most convenient for us. Strength is for service, not status. Each one of us needs to look after the good of the people around us, asking ourselves, “How can I help?”

And in helping it also means walking away from those who are weak especially men. By walking away we are also not the cause of those men making bad decisions and wrecking lives.

~ Mercy


★★★★★ "Too Many Blessings to Count"

The concepts of RMIEW are not common among the Church. That saddens me, as they are biblical and wise. Staying in a church during this time can be a constant struggle, as the other members will not understand and will tend to egg you on to behaviors that will do harm.

What you seek is the PEACE of time with Him...in His Word...and simply listening to His voice.

This Sunday, for instance, my daughter was home from college, and we were able to share a good breakfast before she had to leave to travel back to school. Then, instead of rushing to dress and drive off barely in time, I simply kept my slippers on and settled in with His Word, a mug of tea, and my favorite hymns playing. After some time, He led me to dress for a walk, and off I went to walk alongside the lake, while practicing my memory verses. He prompted me to return home just in time for a friend in need to reach me. I was rested and peaceful and had my whole heart and all of my mind available to help her!

~ Beverly


★★★★★ “To Hear His Voice”

It is when I finally let go of the church when I truly began to find my HH and really began to develop that close relationship with Him. When I was in church I depended on the pastor to be my guide, and yes he does guide, but there are times when the Lord wanted to speak to me one on one. He wanted me to learn to hear His voice for myself.

~ Stephanie in North Carolina


★★★★★ “No Pseudo Religious Doctrine”

Initially, I was reluctant to leave church as it went against everything that I was taught. However, I honestly didn't struggle too hard with letting go of my church once I learned His truth. Once I fully surrendered to Him, died to myself, and became serious in seeking a true and authentic relationship with Him I was easily able to let go and free myself of the sins and dangerous worldly practices that so easily entangled me! Additionally, I felt that if I could just get to church and be among the saints, somehow some way the Lord would help me identify what I should do for whatever issue I was currently facing at the moment. But, when I realized that the church I attended was speaking half-truths it was SO easy to walk away. The more I invested in my RJ, the more I read my Bible, and the more that I walked, and talked with my HH, the more I learned His truth and I wanted NO PARTS of any church, ministry, or pseudo religious doctrine that taught to the contrary. Erin mentioned this several times that she always holds up an issue she is currently facing to the the truth of the Bible to determine how to move forward and that is something I wholeheartedly agree with and embrace!

Let me encourage all of you who are reading that while the road we travel on is narrow and may at times appear bleak and weary, know that you have a sister behind or in front of you that is also committed to finishing this journey with Him. From that I hope that you can draw strength from your fellow sister traveler and know that she is working with you, praying for you, and praising our HH with you! You are not alone because He will never forsake us and He has blessed you with sisters who will love and uplift you!

Luke 16:13-14—“No servant can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or else he will be devoted to one and despise the other.”

~ Cierra

Restored Marriage Testimony.


Here’s a later addition from Cierra that she submitted after reading several of our “Salvation Stories"

I remember a while back I was composing a praise report after the completion of one of my courses. In my praise report, I remember saying how I would have loved to witness all of the wonderful miracles that Jesus performed when He was here on Earth. But hearing stories such as this reminds me that He has provided me the opportunity and privilege to witness His wondrous and miraculous works that He performs TODAY. It serves as a wonderful testament that He truly can do the impossible!

Letting go, allows you the ability to truly let Him in and experience Him in ways unimaginable. Letting go, is a form of complete and total surrender and trust in His ability. Walking away from the church, means walking into His light and walking into His arms, and declaring to Him that you are letting Him reign as your Lord and Your Savior and at His appointed time and hour He will send you where He wants you to go to speak of His Word and awesome works to His people!

~ Cierra


★★★★★ “Distracted at Church”

It felt wrong at first to not go to church, but once I stopped going, I realized that I was distracted at church--having always to either introduce myself as alone, getting divorced, or divorced when I attended a new church, OR I had to explain where my husband was at our old church. Either that, or I had to listen to really bad advice at our old church. I had also always been a busy beaver when it came to volunteering, both inside and outside the church. I avoided dealing with my problems by being very, very busy doing good things. I was trying to work so hard that God would "have to" approve me. Now, I have the peace and the time with Him to grow and learn. Someday, He may lead me back to a church or churches, so that I can share what I have learned with others.

~ Beverly


★★★★★ “Tossed Back and Forth”

I learned the hard way that trying to be apart of more than one ministry can cause issues. I remember that I had two Pastors that I was really close with and both of them wanted me in their ministry. One was a little bit more arrogant than the other and would undermine what the other Pastor said which caused me to be stressed. It got to the point where I began to dread going to either church and then I found myself trying to make them both happy by attending both churches. Needless to say the teaching was different in both places and I always felt uneasy about being in either churches thank the lord that he delivered me from both of them. When I became apart of RMI one of the Pastors belittled it, but that’s when I knew that this was where the Lord was leading me and then when she started making comments I knew it was time to cut the relationship for good.

You can not ever be apart of two things because trust me you will be tossed back and forth and you will always lean more to one than another.

I thank the Lord for showing me that my attending church was always for the wrong reason because my heart was never for Him, but just to say I went to church like it would get me into heaven.

So, if you are trying to be apart of RMI and still going to church you will need to let go of one or the other you will not be able to do both as it says in Luke 16: 13-14 “No servant can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one and love the other, or else he will be devoted to one and despise the other.” I fought this mind battle and it drove me crazy. it is not worth losing your peace of mind.

~Bonita in Georgia RESTORED


★★★★★ "Attempted Suicide, NOW I Praise God for Sparing My Life—Because of His Love!!”

No one in my hometown spiritually can relate to my situation and the calling God has on my life. I'm tired of being encouraged to date and move on in that aspect when I know the truth and I can not ever again as God's word says. I need to be around others following the same principles and believing God’s word walking and talking not just when it is convenient. So I let go of my home church months ago and then the other church I was attending because it was not feeding me in the way i need, primarily the word. Without enough of His word, it led me to despair.

I now praise God for sparing my life! He has told me to not fret that He will fight all my battles, so rest in Him, but because I still loved my EH, the devil continued playing with my mind. So I contemplated suicide. I had to repent and go deep in my prayer closet to get closer to Him. I poured myself out to Him like never before. I heard I have been in the way He said because I wouldn’t let go of my EH. Then one word came out an hour after I prayed, cried, forgave everything and everyone, Leviticus 19:18 “Thou shalt not avenge, nor bear any grudge against the children of thy people, but thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself: I am the Lord.”

I am called to love the unlovable not because I want to myself but because God called me to love, be patient, trust Him through this trial. God said he will avenge anything wrong that is done, and not for me to worry about being wronged. Another thing I am grateful for this word because when no one would give me advice on keeping my marriage together—this site encouraged me to believe it is possible.

So please leave where you're not fed and don't listen to others, listen and seek God for His answer and the Lord's love. Then wait, be patient, and trust HIM that His will be done.

When I came here, I was physically broken and tired of doing this fixing on my own when I finally realized the only One who can fix this circumstance is The Lord—now a burden has been lifted off of me right after this prayer time and time of fasting!!

So yes I am still divorced, childless, there's still an OW, and no communication with my EH at this time—but God has broken me and molding me into the women I need to become for His purpose for my life. All with one word LOVE!!!

~ Shayla in Louisiana


★★★★★ “How Arrogant & Wrong I Was”

For me this wasn't difficult. I relocated to another state and I had not truly joined a church. I attended but I was not working ministry like I was where I previously lived. My husband never attended. I spoke to someone in the church shortly after my husband left and the first thing that was said to me was that I should join a divorce recovery group. I thought Why? I am not divorced, and at the time I had not really accepted that my husband had left. I told myself for four months that my husband was just on a sabbatical and would be home any time; that he never really left us. When I read that I should let go of the church I knew it was the right thing to do. My husband had been saying for years that he wanted to be the spiritual leader in our home, but because I thought that I needed to be in a church I could never get my mind around that idea. I now understand how arrogant and wrong i was.

~ Ava in Texas


★★★★★ “Time to Focus”

It can be scary to think of changing things up. Going to church on Sunday can feel like a verification of one's faith, and not "going" can feel wrong, at first. Once you lean IN...enjoying the warmth of His presence...you will see that there is joy in taking time to focus on Him. For a time, this can be the way to grow.

~ Beverly


★★★★★ “Second Nature”

I have let go and stopped attending my local church. The LORD mainly and prayer and conviction has help me to overcome this within a week from reading about it. It just became second nature. I knew that I knew that I has to do this that it wasn't enough to only have good intentions, but it was necessary to have convictions and that I need to let Him be in control. Being fairly new to coming to know Him as my Savior, my desire now is to getting to know Him as my Husband!!!

~ Diana in Arizona


★★★★★ “I Should Lose Weight”

I have always attended church. It was instilled in me as a child. I used to tell my parents we should bring our sleeping bags and just stay there. My father did teach me about tithing for which I am thankful. I worked as the school secretary at our church part time so when my husband told me he wanted a divorce 15 years ago I talked to my Pastor. He had a meeting with my husband and we were supposed to start going to counseling with him. My husband wouldn't go. I went and the Pastor told me I should lose weight...that men are visual and it would help the situation. I had been trying to lose weight for years but just kept gaining. Needless to say those words only hurt they didn't help. They fired me from my job and wouldn't let me continue teaching Sunday School. Today I a member of a church without walls.

~ Valeda in Wyoming, Lutheran


★★★★★ “Powerful Principle”

i admit that, since i found this ministry, i have learnt many principles and applied them and seen God's work through them , but one of the most difficult things to let go was this, to let go my church, first because if i stayed home i was bored, and sometimes depressed and what a better way to distract myself than going to church where I felt comforted by the word of God and besides I love all my brothers and sisters, and mostly because I wondered what would happen when i stopped going and if they call me and if the pastor call me how would i justify this, but i knew that i had to be obedient, if God brought this point up it was for something, even though when i didn't understand clearly why, but since i was still hesitating, i asked My lord to confirm somehow if that was he wanted me to do. i read a chapter in the book A wise woman, that talks about The spiritual leader and God brought me such a conviction in me that i believe is a so , so powerful principle than can make a huge difference in many people's lives, i will come back with a testimony for the glory of God.

~ Arminda in Mexico, Baptist


★★★★★ “Don’t Have to Physically Attend”

I just believe and are taking everything I learn through your ministry to heart and do my best to the follow the teachings of "The Word". To me, I was not getting anything from the services I was attending (Nothing remotely close to what I get from reading through the Restore Ministry material), therefore it was not hard for me to stop going to my mother's church with my mother. Although I do feel bad that my mother is going alone now (My father passed in 2009) and she thinks I need to go to church, I just continue to assure her that I do not physically have to attend a church to be taught the word of God.

Although, I was saved and regularly attended church, and life was going "great", I do not believe I fully came to know the Lord (Although I have always wanted to). Unfortunately it wasn't till now, through your ministry that I have learned so much and are continuing to grow in his word. I know I have a long way to go yet.

~ Krista in Ohio, Methodist


★★★★★ "He is MORE than ENOUGH!"

Dear Sisters, I experienced huge amounts of really bad advice and fretting--all from well-meaning church members. Attending church also caused me to constantly have to be explaining my situation to others when I should have kept quiet. When others heard about what was happening in my life, they would get stirred up in anger or empathy...and those feelings stirred up my anxiety or "victimhood." It was NOT good.

Being in RF has allowed me to focus my time on my HH...not on looking good to men (women). I am learning to listen to His voice. When I was in church, there was too much noise.

Restoration Fellowship is exactly what I need. He might call me back into a physical building "church" in the future, but for now...I am His and He is Mine and that is ENOUGH! MORE than ENOUGH!

~ Beverly


★★★★★ “I AM His Church”

For some reason, if I never questioned my decision to stop attending my local church it was because of what my family or church family would think since I felt a closeness to Christ and the church. When I stopped going, several persons couldn't understand why I chose to do so and recited verses as to how I needed to continue going to church because it was God's command for me to do so, in which I would explain I was His church.

Some good intentioned family members felt perhaps I was becoming "fanatical" with RMI. However, I knew that although I did feel goosebumps and His presence when I went to a local church especially during the worship, I had to trust He had led me to this decision. I needed to become His bride. RMI was able to lead me and teach me in the specific areas that my spiritual life in Christ needed, such as the restoration of my marriage and my personal relationship with Christ. I wanted and needed to follow where I knew the Lord had led me to, I needed to please Him and not what others thought I needed to do. I feel that He brought me to follow the authority of Pastor Erin, and therefore, I needed to respect all of the principles being taught. Go in all the way or don't. I chose to follow this principle. I also want to help other women who have come to the realization that they need Jesus more than anything else.

~Cesia in Nicaragua recently RESTORED: “I thought I Should be Respected”


★★★★★ “Church as a Crutch”

I was using church as a crutch. I was using church to get closer to God. I was acting as the spiritual leader in my home & that's my husband's job. I was self righteous & by going to church, I was "throwing" God in my husband's face and in the end, I pushed my earthly husband farther away from God and me. Now I have peace knowing that going to church has nothing to do with my faith in God or my relationship with God. And what I need more is a relationship with the Lord.

~ Melissa in Arizona, former Baptist


★★★★★ “A Relationship, Not Religion”

When I came to the place in my Restoration Journey where I knew I had to let go of my church in order for me to find a deeper and more intimate relationship with the Lord, I struggled at first. Until I took my concerns to the Lord.

While sitting quietly He reminded me that getting to know a man you would marry, like a EH was done NOT in a crowd but alone. So to get to know Him as my HH meant that I would long for that time, set aside, and that without the false safety net of attending and serving at a church, that I would be more committed and serious about spending time with Him.

Unfortunately, I began to whine about being persecuted when church members began to accuse me of being backslidden when I no longer attended church. I was actually able to get over that easily, but when it began to influence the way my children thought, that's when it got tough.

Again I took it to the Lord and immediately I was ashamed because He reminded me of REAL persecution. There are Believers around the world who are killed, imprisoned and tortured due to the love and devotion to the Lord. And here I was complaining about what others "thought" about me! That's when this verse came to my mind. “Friendship with the world is hostility toward God. Therefore whoever wishes to be a friend of the world makes himself an enemy of God.” James 4:4.

It's been years since I've attended church, and since then my children have felt led to follow, and have become LOVERs of the LORD. They still serve and help build up the church, but due to my willingness I have seen such commitment to the Lord and His word in my children.

Dear bride, The Lord told us that the gate and path was narrow, and it's especially true with today's church community. What the world needs is a Relationship, not another Religion, which means it will take women like you to be willing to "die to self" and care nothing for your reputation. If Jesus could die naked on the cross for us, how can we complain or whine about what He is calling us to do?

~ Michele 

Author Living the Abundant Life


★★★★★ “Don't Be Afraid”

To all the bride that God has chosen, don't be afraid and stop to worry. Trust Him! He lead you to this RF, and it means He know the best for you. You are His church. Do it for a great relationship with the Lord. And it will never be that hard to let go.

To help our new RF Members, please share how you spent your Sunday or another special time this week with the Lord so she can understand how to fill those "church" days and the fellowship she once fostered with "church" members and "church" activities.

This is the beauty when I finally can let go my church and now i have a quality time with my Lord. We can talk and it just me and Him. I can feel His blessing. Spend the day sit with Him, listening to His voice and just enjoy the day. I never felt something like this, i even can not describe, but it's beautiful!

~ Orien in Indonesia


★★★★★ “Praise Him Everyday for Sending Me to Here!!”

I have learned more from the few years I have been here than I would have on my own. One hour a week in church would not have given me the tools I needed to know the Lord as my HH. I would have had to go through that journey on my own. And as I requested the Lord to help me all those years ago I know He would have, with or without this ministry, but I praise Him everyday that He send me to this ministry because I have learned what I needed in a much shorter time than I would have on my own.

I will share that in my RJ letting go of my church was one of the hardest for me to do. As I have shared many a time, the church I was attending teaches the same principles and they are a very loving caring community. Even though this was the case I still felt I had to defend them when I completed my MEQ (Marriage Encouragement Questionnaire). This came to mind when I did my lesson on letting go of my church and I know the Lord did that to show me I cannot have both. This ministry is my church now and I firmly believe that I would not have been so far in my RJ was it not for this ministry. It took a friend of mine many years to learn all the principles I did in just a few months. She had all the same resources I did, but still she tells me, if I could just have done what you are doing it would not have taken me so long to get here. And I can only give praise to my Heavenly Husband for bringing me here:)

~ Yvonne


★★★★★ “No Longer Waiting”

Ladies, please do not be afraid of letting go of your church out of fear that you will not be close to Him. I am closer to God now more than ever before. I still have a sense of fellowship as well, more than I ever did while attending a mega church. I have also found that I no longer wait for Sundays and Wednesdays to be fed. Erin’s Living lessons seem to have more significance to what I am dealing with in life and I can come back and read them over whenever I feel led to.

~ Gina in Arizona


★★★★★ “Going Through Twice”

It took me going through my Restoration Journey twice before I realized how not letting go of my church kept me from what He had for me. Please take a moment to read my Restored Marriage Testimony: "Restored Twice!!"

~Rita in Louisiana


★★★★★ “Painful and Scary”

It was really difficult at first, but after I pray to God, God revealed to me that it was time for me to leave my church. You see, what happened was after a couple who had been divorced got married in June of this year, I started having doubts whether the pastors at church were telling the truth. After praying to God for several days to find out if I was making the right decision, I finally decided it was time to let go of church. It was painful and scary but I decide to obey

~Nancy in California


★★★★★ “Best Thing for Me”

I have to admit that many years ago, when I started my RJ I let go of my church in obedience to the principle of allowing my EH to become the spiritual leader of the home. I was eager to do whatever it took to be right with the Lord and show Him how much I loved Him. At first it was hard because in my mind, by not going to church, I felt that "me and my household were not serving the Lord". The more I let go, the more I pressed on to the Lord and the clearer His presence became in my life. He showed me quickly not to limit Him to four walls and He could do anything in an instant., (change hearts, open and close doors, etc.) He showed me that my first ministry was my home and I was serving Him in my obedience. As I continued to seek Him and His word, it became food and LIFE to my spirit. I knew, because of this time ALONE with Him, that I can reach out to Him and Him to me at anytime or place. How beautiful is this ladies! Really knowing that I am never alone and always cared for and loved. When we allow Him to be our Spiritual leader, He fills us, completes us and heals us in supernatural ways.

Dear Friend,

How beautiful it is to know that whenever you are in need, you can run to Lord and He will supply all your needs. Fear is not from the Lord and His word says He will never leave you nor forsake you. Give Him the chance to show you He is sufficient and more than enough. Is He not worth our time and obedience. Is His love and provision not enough that you feel the need to run to others? Humble yourselves and open your heart. Press forward and don't look back. Let go and let God be your HH. I promise you will be standing on the Rock and never shifting sand. Your HH can love you more in a moment then all the lovers could in a lifetime. He is waiting for you!

~ Lota is our Spanish Restored Marriage Minister who has been used by God to head up RMI’s Spanish Español ministry since her marriage was restored in 2003.

Here’s a second testimony you’ll enjoy from Lota:


★★★★★ “Scripture Speaks such Truth”

This verse, "No servant can serve two Masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other,or else he will devote to one and despise the other." Luke 16:3-4, speaks such truth and ultimately it is expressed here in this lesson, the importance to not be involved in any other church or ministry, but to me it also means to not have anyone or anything else before Jesus. I have learned to SG anytime I hear or read something that I may question or feel in my spirit. We are all human so it is in the intimate relationship with our HH that ultimately I can discern what He is saying or what He wants to reveal to me. Or maybe what He is asking me to do.

This ministry has brought me such truth and peace. It has not been an easy road, but I knew and know He wants me here and to follow each principle given. Over the years I have heard many preachers, whether on the radio or at a church and many times things that have been said are contrary to what this ministry has said, but most importantly contrary to what He has called me to do after seeking Him and spending time with Him. That is why its all about having HIM to guide me, He has to be first so I am not tossed by the sea here and there.

I also saw this happen to a very dear friend who never left her church. She was always divided between what the Lord had called her to do for her restoration to Him first and her EH and what her church and pastor were teaching. She was never able to trust God but just simply went by what she would see. Her church emphasized so much on rebuking sin that she was never able to see past that and see her EH with His eyes.

I will be careful on what I read or listen to. I do occasionally go to a church when my EH asks us to go with him. This was the first christian church he went to and accepted Christ in his heart. I have let go of church and am not a part of any other ministry. I have volunteered occasionally with His Angels, a nonprofit that donates shoes to an orphanage.

If you’ve struggled in this area, please join me in praying:

My Love,

I confess that for many years my heart's desire was to be members of a church and felt this had to take place for any spiritual growth. Forgive me. You spoke to me when I wanted so much for my EH to attend a men's conference. Every year he was so close to go, then something would happen. You spoke to me clearly that You can do anything and at anytime effortlessly and a "conference" was not the answer but You are. My trust must be in You! In Your timing Lord my family is in Your hands.

Dearest Heavenly Husband,

Help me to always trust in You and to always seek You in all things. Bless me with Your spirit of discernment and revelation to see Your truth and will for me and my family. Help me to see my purpose so I can serve You through this ministry.

Dear Brides,

I know this step of letting go may be difficult because we feel that this is the only way to be spiritually fed. But when we trust in God and allow Him to spiritually feed us anywhere and at anytime, you will learn that this intimacy is the best and cannot compare to anything else.

Now to Him who is able to keep you from stumbling, and to make you stand in the presence of His glory blameless with great joy, to the only God our Savior, through Jesus Christ our Lord, be glory, majesty, dominion and authority, before all time and now and forever. Amen. Jude 1:24-25


★★★★★ "It Was Time"

In my heart I was at a place where I felt like I was going around and around the mountain and I truly was at a loss to what I should do. While SG He showed me some "truth" that I needed to face. Letting go of my church had to be at the top of my list and it was very hard for me to do because when my "storm" started I was not going to church at the time and I knew I had to do something and I found a church and I thought that they would help me and while they encouraged me that with God all things are possible they also believed that it was ok to divorce. That never truly say well with me. I would still continue to go to church but there was this part of me that knew that I needed more that I needed answers and I needed to let go. My pastor although he did not agree with me for leaving church He encouraged me to continue to SG for the answers I was looking for.

Dear sister, Letting go is the hardest and the best thing I ever did by letting go of the church I was able to spending more time with God just me and him and she began to open my eyes to areas of my life that I needed to attend to. I feel like when you let go of the church and you continue to SG and let Him write the answers on your heart you begin to find that relationship between you and Him.

~ Shantel in New Mexico


★★★★★ “I Am ALL You Need”

Letting go of my church was very difficult at first but has proved to be very rewarding! In hindsight, it was the best decision I ever made besides accepting the Lord as my Savior!

I actually remember getting ready for work one morning in my bathroom very shortly after I stopped attending church, and for the very first time I heard His voice for myself! I had been thinking about my former church and congregation and I heard Him say "I am going to teach you that I AM ALL YOU NEED!"

When I attended church I never sought God for myself, never heard His voice, and always depended on others to either pray for me at the altar or for their comfort. After letting go of church and making RMIEW my church, my relationship with the Lord began to blossom and it gets stronger everyday. I now hear His voice for myself. I understand the Bible and it speaks to me. It really is alive!!! I know now that my own prayers carry weight and He hears them. I don't look to others for help unless He provides help through them. The throne room doors are always wide open for ME to enter myself and receive His comfort, love, and everything I need.

This has been the most amazing happening in my life. I wouldn't change letting go of my former church for a thing. If you want intimacy and to hear His voice for yourself, this is the way to do it!!

Sweet Sister,

The challenge you are now facing is one that will richly reward you very soon! Letting go of the familiar is difficult but once you do, be prepared for the trip of a lifetime!! You are going to experience intimacy with Your Maker in ways that you have never imagined. You will soon forget what it feels like to be rejected and lonely!

Letting go of my church was difficult at first but something I have not regretted! I have gain so much more than I lost!!

Restoration Fellowship is now my church where I am being spiritually fed the TRUTH through weekly messages and testimonies of other women whom the Lord has lead through many different valleys. He is so faithful to all of us! He loves us as His brides and shows us how a bride deserves to be treated!!

We may not be in a church building surrounded by four walls, but what I can tell you is that since I have joined this "church", I have become a FREE woman! My life has changed and I am so Happy!

I now have relationship with Him that I never thought was possible! I cannot put into words how AMAZING life is now! He is AMAZING!!

He is wonderful and His love awaits you! Take that step and TRUST!!


~ Paloma RESTORED  “Holding Me During Every Moment I Fell


★★★★★ "United in Prayer"

Some time ago, after I began my journey, and I asked the Lord to use me to help other women. It wasn’t until I obeyed what I’d been taught, by first letting go of my church, that the Lord showed me what was in front of me! But if I had not let my church go, it would never be revealed to me. My sister-in-law, my brother's wife, came to visit me at work, and when I started talking about this principle of not attending church without a husband leading you, so he would be your spiritual leader, she started telling me about the fights she was having ever since the day of her wedding because she was leaving her home and family to be in church at least 3-4 days a week.

They even talked to her that he’d spoken to them about having a separation because my brother couldn’t accept her obsession with attending church. She started to cry and told me she felt such a huge emptiness in her heart because she lacked a real relationship with the Lord. She even told me that thoughts of a suicide often came into her head as the only remedy!

I could see how the “church” was not feeding as much as she thought it was. And the best of all was that when I started to talk about everything I learned in this Ministry, she began to open her heart even more. That’s when I told her about letting go of her church and uniting at home in prayer and presence of the Lord where she could really come to know Him.

Glory to God, not only did I prevent something horrible from happening, I also found the prayer partner I wanted and had been seeking! With our HH leading me, I was able to teach her a little of what the Lord has taught me on this journey and the principles of the Ministry. I am excited and thankful to God for this wonderful revelation and for also being able to help my family. God is really wonderful!!!


Prayed for OW and Her Husband


★★★★★ “Going Against the Norm”

He helped me overcome my fear of what others will say. He showed me why I am doing this and for whom. It doesn't matter what others say, but what He says.

Once I understood why I am doing this, to give room for my husband to come to Him to be the spiritual leader of our family and that I am doing this to press into Him more, to learn more about Him and becoming His bride that I can then help out others, I know I have to do this.

It might be scary to go against the norm. But He has been with me since the beginning and I know He will be with me through the end and forever. He gave me the courage to stand firm in my faith. Holding fast to Him. He is there for you, for us and always will be.

Later we received a longer PR from Gail about letting go of her church...

I never knew that it is my personal relationship with the Lord and not my church attendance that really matters. I didn't know the the Lord is more than just my savior. I didn't know that I can have an intimate relationship with the Lord without going to church. I can have it right here, wherever I am, anytime. I thought I needed to go to church to have that connection with the Lord.

But it is through growing in Him through this ministry that I finally have the intimate relationship I've read about and wished I had too!! Lord thank you!! I am learning more in this journey with Him about His Truths than all the years I went to church combined! Praise the Lord!

Letting go of church was not difficult for me but it was my fear of how others will take the news because of how we grew up attending church that made me hesitate. But once I learned how important it is to make room for my husband to be the spiritual leader, that it was the lack of this protection that caused me to be in adultery, I knew what I needed to do.

The Lord gave me the courage to make this decision. He gave me the courage to stand firm in my faith and stand by my decision. It doesn't matter what others say. It is what the Lord says that matters.

I know it is hard at first. We don't want to disappoint or hurt others because they are just concerned for us. But it is not what is popular or what the world says. It is what is in His Word, His Truth. And He will work it out for our good.

I know this is just the beginning. I learned that letting go of church is also so we can learn about His Truths that we can then share with others that are hurting. This is a time for us to grow in Him as His bride that we may be able to comfort others with the same comfort that He comforted us.

I trust that He will lead and guide me to where He wants me to be and He will show me what to do and how to help others He will send my way. And He will do the same for you too. Let us trust in Him with all our hearts!

Dear brides,

Don't be afraid to let go of church because of what others will think. This is your family, your husband's soul, your children's future that are at stake. Don't be afraid of change. Obey and understanding will come next. I know it might be scary but when our trust is in the Lord, we can be sure He will deliver us. Our God is faithful!!

~ Gail

Made My Restoration Solid


★★★★★ The Lord Wanted Me Desperately

When I attended church, I really didn't have an intimate relationship with My Beloved. For me it was more of fellowship with others. Though that in itself is not a bad thing, for me it was replacing the relationship that the Lord wanted with me so desperately.

Now the intimacy and time I share with Him is so precious!! And the church time that I did initially miss when I joined RF Fellowship, is only a distant memory in my past.

It makes me realize that I am so much happier and joyful now, than I was then, because I have truly found the Love of My Life, and not one person can come even close in comparison.

Just today, I was thinking how fortunate and blessed I am to know Him in such a way. Today was a beautiful, colorful Fall day and I spent it entirely alone with My Beloved, taking in all the beauty of His creation.

In my days before my RJ, stopping to enjoy these seemingly simple things rarely entered my mind. I was so caught up in everyday life that much of this beauty went unnoticed. And the funny thing is, before when the seasons changed and Fall would set in, I would always feel depressed and lonely.

Oh, but now He has changed all that!! He has opened my eyes to see His beauty everywhere, even with the changing seasons, from the warmth to the cold. He's so much more real to me now and I have gained so much from this RJ.


~ Evie 

I was very Proud and Angry. So I Left


★★★★★ “Knowing Him Personally”

I came to know the Lord personally through this ministry. I attended church regularly, and was baptized at a young age. But, it wasn't until I experienced marital affliction that I came to experience true intimacy and salvation with my HH.

Once I learned the value that my HH placed on obedience, it was easier for me to comply with the request of letting go of my church. When I realized that I was not being spiritually fed at the church I was attending, it was easy to lay aside the entangle me that would prevent me from focusing on enhancing my relationship with my HH.

~ Cierra

“Restoration Happened Quickly and Suddenly”


★★★★★ “He Hears Me”

Letting go of my church was difficult at first, but in hindsight, it was the most wonderful thing that happened to me :).

When I attended church, I never sought God for myself, never heard His voice, and always depended on others to pray for me at the altar and for comfort from them. After letting go of church and making RMIEW my church, my relationship with the Lord began to blossom and it gets stronger everyday. I now hear His voice for myself. I know that my own prayers carry weight and He hears them. I don't look to others for help unless He provides them. The throne room doors are always wide open for me to enter myself and receive His comfort, love, and everything I need.

This has been the most amazing happening in my life. I wouldn't change it for a thing. If you want intimacy, this is the way to do it!!!

~ Evie

I was very Proud and Angry. So I Left


★★★★★ "Loving the Lord is Contagious"

My HH never fails to amaze me with how much He shows His love for me. Nothing compares to the love I've found in Him. I will forever sing His praises because He is worthy. Everything I am, I give to Him.

Since letting my church go (which was very difficult for me at first), I've been able to spend more time with my little sister. She lives a distance away from me and our schedules don't always coincide. So it's not often that I get to see her. We talked on the phone a lot but it's better for us to have that one on one time together. This weekend we were able to do just that. The weather was gorgeous and we simply enjoyed the beautiful day my HH created. But the most beautiful part was later on that evening, my sister and I started talking about certain stories in the Bible.

Just to give you some background information, my little sister believes in the Lord but she never sought an intimate relationship with Him before. And most of the time she would get distracted by something else when I tried talking with her about my HH. Now things have changed :). Since I've been going through this journey, my little sister inquires about what I am learning. She asks me questions all the time concerning something in the Word. Not only that, but now she reads the Word on a daily basis. She's never done that before! To her, He's always been a distant God. I'm just blessed to witness my little sister falling in love with Him like I am. So yesterday, we read and discussed the Bible. Then at the very end she said 'thanks sister for helping me to develop a thirst to read His Word daily and to know Him on a personal level'. It blew me away and made my heart sing for joy because I was being my HH's vessel to reconcile my little sister back to the Lord.

This whole weeks RMI lessons has discussed ministering to other women and it was beautiful to witness it firsthand with my sister. Just to see the difference it made to her and seeing her desire more of the Lord. Another thing she told me is that before she reads the Word, she prays for wisdom and understanding. All glory be to my HH, who always shows His love in ALL things.

~Lina in Washington

Ministry Note:  It still amazes me how the Lord uses our obedience when we simply trust Him rather than leaning to our own understanding. Who, but the Lord, would have created a “church” to help Lina’s sister to learn personally about Him?!?! “For where two or three have gathered together in My name, there I am in their midst.” Matthew 18:20 ~ Erin


★★★★★ “My Time with Him”

It was very difficult for me also as I grew up in a very Christian home.I have always attended church.I prayed hard and long for God to help me and He showed me that for at least 3 years now I am the only one going to church, my EH never goes. I end up being hurt because the kids are always asking me why He never goes and people at church are also ask me where he is.I end up having to create stories and even during the service I am never at peace wondering what he is up to.He showed me this is not how HE wants it to be.HE showed me I might just as well stay at home and be at peace knowing that I am being obedient to Him. Now on Sundays I stay at home and read my bible in my closet, pray and praise.

~ Busi in South Africa


★★★★★ “I Just Did It”

Just yesterday I wanted to join the fellowship but reported that I didn’t want to leave my church and basically pleaded with them to work with me. Really!!! I saw myself making excuses as to why I wanted to stay since I was Catholic and things they said, I thought, didn’t apply to me. See I went into the church after I filed for divorce in hopes of some kind of help and even though my pastor listened and even met with me at a restaurant along with a married couple they never once told me not to divorce, that in itself tells me right there I need to leave but since I don’t remember them saying divorce, I battled the thoughts of staying in my head. I was mainly concerned about my children but now reading more testimonies I am sure of my decision to leave my church. The Lord helped with my fear by other women’s testimonies and he also gave me peace that its going to be okay, that I will be able to lead my children in the their growth with the Lord through him himself and the help of RMI. Hurdle, mastered!! Thank you Lord!!

What I would tell someone who is contemplating letting go or not letting go is to “just do it” and see what happens by obeying. To put your trust in the Lord and not on attending mass or church. Change can be frightening especially when its something you have always known that you are changing, but it doesn't mean it is forever. By obeying and taking this step, it will allow you to truly focus on the Lord and meanwhile letting your EH fall into his rightful place of being the head of his family spiritually. I have 5 children that I have put also in the hands of our Lord and with that I have trust that he will guide me in teaching them his ways. It will be from him not me.

~ Isabel in Oklahoma, former Catholic.


★★★★★ “Letting Go was Not Easy”

Letting go of church was not easy for me. I loved my church! I loved the people, they preacher, I loved everything about my church. What I found was that I was NOT being spiritually fed what I needed to be being fed to get to the relationship that I needed to have with the Lord. Yes the preacher was on fire, yes I loved the sermons, but I did not love dying slowly from not being fed what I needed to survive. Things that I was never taught until coming to RMI. I will share with you a few of those things.

First and most important. I was not taught tithing~ I was taught that it was okay to give what you could after you paid your bills. This is dangerous since you are opening yourself up to be stolen from.

Second, I was told that divorce was okay because of adultery. Well that did not sit right even before I found RMI. I knew that was not what God wanted.

Third, It can cause double-mindedness, You can be given different teachings than what you need to be learning if you truly want to have your marriage restored. RMI teaches large doses of the truth that you are not being fed in your church right now.

Fourth, it teaches obedience. If your husband is not going with you then you are taking his role as the spiritual leader of your home. This is his rightful role and his responsibility not YOURS.  If you have children then you should teach them what you are learning. SG on what to teach them. You are their teacher teach them and guide them with parts of what you are learning. ~ The obedience part comes in by obeying your spiritual authority, your husband, or the preacher.  You don't want to be under the spiritual authority of a preacher/church that isn't feeding you what you need to be fed.

A true relationship with God does not require you going to church or taking your children to church. It is found by seeking Him and obeying Him no matter the cost. So when people tell you that you need to go to church, thank them for thinking about you and tell them when the time is right you will be back.

You have to make a decision in your life and for your children's lives. You have to decide what is more important. A family restored or going to church. Your church family is just like everyone else that has your best interest in mind, but it can also be tainted with the ways of the world and your are in a vulnerable position to be swayed off the narrow road.

SG and allow Him to lead you, let Him be your spiritual leader in your home. Obey your authorities, even if it isn't what you want. Fast and pray about it. But decide if you are going to stand at the edge of the sea or if you are going to jump in over your head and allow the Lord to keep you above water.

~ Dawn in Ohio, formerly Baptist


★★★★★ “Truly Know Him”

I was raised in the Baptist church, but I only was able to really know the Lord in an intimate way when this journey began. I was in church, I played the piano, and I thought I knew and had enough of "God" in my life, but I didn't. The Lord is so much more than only 1 or 2 days of meetings in the church. Only when we can let go of attending church, and choose to be alone with Him, will we be able to feel what is the real power of the Holy Spirit and to learn the principles and to apply them in our life, even if we listen to those principles in our church for so many years, only when you give all your life to the Lord, and allow Him to make you new, only then you will truly know Him in a different and wonderful level. RMI is my church, this is where I learn more about fellowship and where I can see the Lord doing miracles in other women's lives and where I grow. Here is where I am spiritually fed and am encouraged every day. Here is where I can learn to help other women too.

Dear lady, Please SG to know what is His plans for your life. He brought you here to learn about His truths in a new level of intimacy. Just keep trusting Him and ask Him to show you how much He loves you, ask Him for wisdom and see how much you have been learning here, how many new principles you have never heard before. Just trust He loves you so much that He wants to change your life and teach you a new and everlasting lifestyle. You will find the real meaning of what love is 🙂

~ Bianca in Salvador 

★★★★★ “Letting Go of my Church”

When I first started this journey I had let go of my church I was only too happy to do that because I knew God had more and I was not getting it there. Than about a month ago I started missing church and being around other people the singing and just the togetherness. I was going through a period of loneliness.

I did not pray or seek God about it because I knew that he had called me out of church. Well a couple of weeks passed and my Ex-Pastor text me and asked me would I travel with her and also train another girl to be her Armor Bearer. I did not seek god or even pray and said yes. After, I said yes I had to repent because first off God already showed me where he wanted me to be and I was about to just be all out his will.

I then prayed and called her and told her that no I could not come back because I was where God had called me to be. well the enemy used her to try and downplay the ministry saying it was a book club and all that. I just laughed because I knew that this is where I was suppose to be and I was now content. See I also used to be a people pleaser, anytime she would ask me to do something it was not to please God but to please her. So not only did I let go of church but I also let go of false teaching. I no longer even think about church because God is all the church I need, He is always teaching me and changing me into the woman he has called me to be.

I say to anyone if you are struggling to let go pray and asked God to show you the real reason why you are hanging on.

I still struggle with fear but God is so helping me, I know what it feels like to be afraid to let go and walk in faith not know what the outcome will be. My word of encouragement is talk to God tell him how you feel and he knows how to handle it, we do not have to try and fix anything on our own if we could then we would not need a Savior. I pray for all us women everyday because I know the struggle only to well.

The truth that helped me was being honest with myself and know that Church was not changing me. I was there every Sunday and I was still sinning.

~Bonita in Georgia RESTORED

CLICK HERE to read my RESTORED Marriage Testimony


★★★★★ “Now I’m Free to Share”

First of all I should confess that I was scared to go to my pastor and tell him that I no longer wanted to be a member of my church. But fear is not of the Lord. I sought God more and He showed me an easy way. I called and asked the pastor for a time to go talk to him. It was easier than I imagined.

When we talked, I was able to share the Wise Woman book and the RYM books for men and women. I shared with him that us having this meeting was part of God’s perfect plan. I never would have shared what I have gone through if this trial did not come my way. I prayed with him and told him I would pray for him, his church and his family. I also let him know I would be more than willing and would like an opportunity to share my story with any woman that he might feel led to send me.

Now that I have let go, my Lord and Heavenly Husband can minister to me in a way I have never been ministered to before.
“Praying us with much intreaty that we would receive the gift, and take upon us the fellowship of the ministering to the saints”. 2 Corinthians 8:4 KJV

My former pastor knows that I now have this online fellowship. He knows that I go to my Heavenly Husband, the lover of my soul, for EVERYTHING. He knows my faith and trust is in Him who can do all things. I was also able to tell him that I would never seek to have another relationship and that I have forgiven my fh, friends and in-laws.

We talked for an hour or so and since then, I have had many more talks with him since that first meeting. We’ve discussed the verses about divorce and I was even able to share that I now believe divorce is NEVER an option….not when our God Almighty is in control.

“So let’s do it—full of belief, confident that we’re presentable inside and out. Let’s keep a firm grip on the promises that keep us going. He always keeps his word. Let’s see how inventive we can be in encouraging love and helping out, not avoiding worshiping together as some do but spurring each other on, especially as we see the big Day approaching.” Hebrews 10: 22-25 The Message

Now, that I have let go of the law to which I subjected myself, I am free to be His hands, His feet, His ears and His eyes as I seek to help others in need of Him. He guides me and loves me. He shows me how to be His church wherever I am. 
I am so blessed to be the bride of the only true Bridegroom. I am blessed that He shows me new mercy each morning!

"So let’s do it—full of belief, confident that we’re presentable inside and out. Let’s keep a firm grip on the promises that keep us going. He always keeps his word. Let’s see how inventive we can be in encouraging love and helping out, not avoiding worshiping together as some do but spurring each other on, especially as we see the big Day approaching."

These same verses from Hebrews Chapter 10 that originally kept me from letting of my church, actually allowed me the freedom and faith in Him to let go. After coming to RMI, I was encouraged to look up verses in different translations. I searched my own personal Bibles and also the Blue Letter Bible website. I sought God and He led me to let go. Here, on our website, through emails and the daily encourages, we are doing exactly what He asks us to do. He tells us to encourage others and to tithe to our storehouse. I was being spiritually fed here at RMIEW. But, instead of tithing to my storehouse, at first I continued to tithe to my church that I did not let go. Because of my double mindedness, the devourer stole from me. The financial things he stole were not nearly as hurtful as the peace he took from me.

Now that I have let go of my church, and tithe to my true storehouse, RMI, He financially showers me with blessings AND peace!!, What the devourer stole He now provides each minute of each day. He is merciful and loving. He wants us to go to Him. Him alone.

We are not a "church" with four walls, and now He is my Pastor, my Priest, my Best Friend, my Lover, my Husband, my Counselor. He is ALL these things and He has the best and only answers we need. that every day with Him.

“So let’s do it—full of belief, confident that we’re presentable inside and out. Let’s keep a firm grip on the promises that keep us going. He always keeps his word. Let’s see how inventive we can be in encouraging love and helping out, not avoiding worshiping together as some do but spurring each other on, especially as we see the big Day approaching.” Hebrews 10: 22-25 The Message

Now I get it. My Heavenly Husband has led me to sow His love in many ways that I NEVER would have been led to had I not let go of my church. "Many nations" to me has become the local library, grocery stores, the mall, the rescue mission and my place of work. I have sowed seeds of His love online and through the mail by sending bibles and RYM books to women, to other churches and to counselors. I have even found a prison to minister to.


~ Kelle

My Son speaking about “Them” as his “Parents”!


★★★★★ “The Church is Not my Protection”

It has been a difficult decision as I have been attending church for many years. My pastor and some church sisters also care for me when they did not see me in church. I have be struggling with this.

When getting through the restoration journey, there is a great feeling that I have to let go and what I need now is God Words and truth on becoming a Godly wife. The RMIEW spiritually feed me a lot. It lets me see what I was in the past and draws me closer to God.

And, from Wise Women, it says that I have to regard my husband as the spiritual leader. I believe that one day, it should be my husband, as the spiritual leader to take me back to church. And, I feel that if I regard my husband is still there, I should not attend the church myself, on my own, presenting to everyone that he is not there.

Later Ning submitted this:

Now, after a month of struggle, I let go of my church where I have been attending for years and leave room for my husband to take the spiritual leader role. I am willing to remove myself from the role which I took from my husband in the past because of my self-righteousness and arrogance. I have been attending the church without my husband for a long time and I even use scriptures to talk to him, pretending I am more religious. But I am not at all. My sins tear my house down. Many years, I believe that church, not my husband would provide the spiritual protection for me. That’s not true. My spiritual protection is from my husband and God. Thanks God to open my eyes and soften my heart towards Him.

“For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church, his body, of which he is the Savior.” (Ephesians 5:23 NIV)

~ Ning in Macau


★★★★★ "Catholic


I was formerly Catholic and I realized that I could grow more by spending quality time in prayer and worship at home than by going to Church and listening to someone talk.

~ Donna in California


★★★★★ "Judging Me"

I don't really know how to explain how I got over this milestone. When I was going to church there was a lot of Christian people there and I felt they were always judging me. I felt there was clicks as well. God is not a God of judgment or clicks. He is a God of love and when I started seeking him and not looking to other people That's when you really know who God is. I also have to say we as humans tend to look at a person or people and not God. If you are not in a Church you really have to seek God not a person.

~ Jen in Connecticut


★★★★★ “Requires Time”

My EH and I attended the same church, when he left, I continued but later discovered that my relationship with my HH requires time alone and not what I was being subjected to in my church, when I decided to always be alone with Him, my inner peace returned, the sense of guilt and self condemnation disappeared.

~ Oby in Nigeria


★★★★★ “One More Thing on My Plate”

Today was the first Sunday I didn’t feel guilty for not going to church. My kids and I have been attending the small church (150 people) that I grew up going to and I started serving on the worship committee about a year ago thinking that the Lord was calling me to be more involved in the church, but I never felt at peace but instead more stressed, as it was one more thing on my plate of many.

I had been going back and forth with letting go of all of it over the past several weeks with my Beloved, as I wasn’t sure that giving up church was best for my kids or not, but He continued to show me that it would be alright and He would make sure we were all taken care of.

So I made my final decision about a week ago that it was time to give up the church, and as I sit here this morning with my coffee, Bible, Devotional and journal, I feel at peace and joy with the decision because I no longer have to stop my time with Him to go get dressed, listen to my kids whine because I am getting them up to go listen to someone else’s message that may or may not be what we need in our life right now.

This morning I am able to continue studying what I have already started for an extra hour and when my kids get up we will continue our family Bible study that we have been working on all week.

I will admit I was fearful of taking this step, but once He showed me my fears were all fleshly based (what will others think, am I going to send the wrong message to my kids, etc.) I realized that with His guidance, my family is better off right here at home on Sunday mornings.

We are now under His spiritual covering as my HH, and He will show us what we are to be studying so that we can get to know Him better and develop the lasting relationship with Him that He desires.

Dear Sister In Christ, I know that letting go of the church may seem scary at this time in your life as you may have started clinging to the church as your crisis started thinking that the fellowship there is what you need, as this is what I did. But as I grow in my love for my Beloved, I realize that He is right here in my home more than anywhere else, and He has lead me as He will lead you to what you need to see and learn in your life right now. Don't look at what the world might think, but look at the extra time you will have to spend with Him and see that your time with Him will be just for the two of you and no one else. Allow Him to be your family’s Spiritual Leader and covering.

~ Ruth in Texas


★★★★★ “I Was Struggling”

I remember how I was struggling with letting go of church the first time that I went through the lessons. I rushed and skipped the first course and did the Renewing first. I was so torn between my sister in law telling me that this wasn't from God and I refused to be double-minded, but this happened because I was rushing. And then when I seek Him in my secret place, He slowly showed me what He wanted me to do. And I grew in love with Him and trust, and I was able to respectfully tell my sister in law to respect my decision. She was so worried until we met up. God made an incident of my locking my keys in my car that I ended up reaching out to her, and when she and I talked she was like wow! I was worried that you would backslide and grow far from God, but she saw my flashcards and my Bible all marked up and with so much joy in my heart that today she never mentions anything to me and just is loving.

~ Dayana in Arizona


If you have a testimony of how you struggled, then overcame this hurdle PLEASE




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If you have a testimony of how you struggled, then overcame this or any other hurdle PLEASE



Encourager: Surrender & Trust


Before you begin to panic, wondering WHY your Restoration Journey and the principles are NOT working for you—we want to remind you of one of the KEY PROMISES—tithing— that will unlock the Narrow Gate leading to life and prevent the enemy from Stealing any more from you!

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  1. I let go of my church, it’s been two weeks and honestly I am actually excited about this principle at this point. At first it was strange! like what, why?! But now I can see how I never gave space for my husband to step into his leadership and always hinted or outright demanded we go and do this. Today instead of church I was able to stay in my cozy room, pray and was in the Word for hours!!! it was amazing. I used to be so worried about what me and my children would wear haha then be concerned when ppl would look at me. silly. anyways I’m excited for this new season for me.

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