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We want to help you experience your dreams!

“God can do anything, you know—
far more than you could ever imagine
or guess or request in your wildest dreams!”
—Ephesians 3:20



​We believe that the first time you experience helping another woman who was desperate for hope—will be the most thrilling feeling—to witness a life changed, a family saved—due to you simply sharing what He's brought you through.

RMIOU is not anything you've ever heard of.

Your "classes" are FREE, taken in your own home or anywhere you have the Internet, 24/7, giving you the freedom to schedule when you learn, designed to fit your life.

What's even more amazing is that if you've already started your courses, and you've already filled out the Marriage Encouragement Questionnaire, and then started taking Course 1, He's been preparing you and training you to reach out to find women in your area or have seen on Social Media who are desperate for Hope.

Unlike other universities and continued education the world offers, training to become a minister doesn't mean  you will be sacrificing your personal responsibilities nor your current professional duties. Simply exercising the freedom God has given you to take classes online, each and every time He leads you to use your time to the fullest—changing your life and God knows how many other lives—means that in the matter of months you can change the course of your life, forever.



RMIOU is dedicated to fostering what God has already put into you. RMIOU wants to prepare you and show you the sort of opportunities that could launch a global ministry or a ministry that reaches just a handful of hurting women. Won't you at least try and find out how easy it is to help other women—women living around the world—who are crying out for hope?

Stop a minute and ask the Lord to remind you of the painful days before He led you to RMI, where you found Hope At Last, and reminding you of your Divine Appointment that brought you peace.

What's wonderful about RMIOU?


​Not only will you be learning how easy it is to have your own ministry, but you'll also begin working with amazing fellow ministers! Our Ministers begin with ePartners and then create 3 Cord groups in order to help each other develop their own ministries!

”A cord of THREE strands is not quickly torn apart”— Ecclesiastes 4:9–12


Your life can change suddenly, so why wait? Become a Bridge Builder



Web Training, Blog Building, Translating for our Youth.

2 thoughts on “RMIOU”

    1. Dear Kamden,
      To become a RMIOU student you can do the following:
      Complete a MEQ if you haven’t already https://aidemaritale.com/meq/.
      Then you can complete the enrolment form: https://rmiou.com/quickstart-enrollment/
      We also have a mentorship program for our students where you become the mentor or mentee (work partner) for another student: https://rmiou.com/mentorship-program/
      Your journals that you currently complete when taking the courses, all count towards your RMIOU studies.

      Cher Kamden,
      Pour devenir étudiant RMIOU, vous pouvez faire ce qui suit :
      Remplissez un MEQ si vous ne l’avez pas déjà https://aidemaritale.com/meq/.
      Ensuite, vous pouvez remplir le formulaire d’inscription : https://rmiou.com/quickstart-enrollment/
      Nous avons également un programme de mentorat pour nos étudiants où vous devenez le mentor ou le mentoré (partenaire de travail) d’un autre étudiant : https://rmiou.com/mentorship-program/
      Les journaux que vous complétez actuellement lorsque vous suivez les cours sont tous pris en compte pour vos études au RMIOU.

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