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Dear Precious Bride,

We are so excited to see your amazing heart and want to welcome you as part of our Restoration Fellowship—Becoming HIs Church without Walls!!! His bride!!!

We hope by joining you'll continue to experience true and lasting Love at Last!!

To get started, read RF: Fellowship with Him, which will help you understand how you will be spending your Sundays and everyday—and every moment with Him 🙂

Then, rather than doing your regular course lessons, begin doing our new RF Course Finding the Abundant Life that will completely transform your life and help you realize your worth as His bride.

The other option is to continue with your course, but do ONE or even TWO Finding the Abundant Life chapters on the weekend—especially on Sundays having "church" with Him. Most importantly, is to discuss this with your HH to know what He wants you to do!

There are several Milestones He'll be asking you to Hurdle over, so we have provided many testimonies that will help you:

Many new Fellowship members have difficulty with the transition from attending “church” to being His church. Having grown up getting dressed up and going to church at a set time each week or the fellowshipping that occurred with other church members.

Spiritual Milestone #5 Fellowship with HH - How I Spend My Sundays ★★★★★ Testimonies page is devoted to us having an opportunity to share how each of us, as RF members, spend our Sundays. Also, how we become His church each and every time we gather with anyone and everyone—since He’s always the center of our conversations.

Then once you find yourself in the flow of His love, come back and take a moment to submit: How I Spend my Sundays with Him form

Also helpful Finding Their Heavenly Husband ★★★★★ Testimonies

Another Helpful tool is Letting go of your Church ★★★★★  Testimonies should you find yourself struggling to know how to fill the void of not physically attending a church each Sunday.

Spiritual Milestone #6 Why I Joined Restoration Fellowship ★★★★★ Testimonies

Singing HH LOVE Songs ★★★★★

Here is another special RF Member webpage that we suggest you bookmark.

To finish the application process we need you to send us a Profile Picture for the fellowship which will stay privately hidden for our ministers ONLY.

Once again WELCOME, we're so glad you've joined us and look forward to having a face to go with your name and complete the process of completing your application 🙂