Finding the Abundant Life – Chapter 3 🎤📖

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Hello beautiful brides, I am Adina in South Africa and I want to share with you what I’ve learned from Chapter 3 in the Finding the Abundant Life book.

In reading this chapter again I had to ask myself once again: Who is the Love of my life? Am I longing for an earthly man or a former husband or anyone else but Him?

And once again I can honestly say “No”, I have found the Love of My Life, the One who loves me with unconditional love, cherishes me, makes me feel safe, who is always near, always understands and loves to listen to me, no matter how much I talk!

Yes, I also used to long for an earthly man and thought that getting married will make me happy, but it didn’t. The truth is nobody can make anybody else happy, we are all selfish and think that loving or being loved by somebody else will make us happy. Only to find out it brings a lot of hurt and pain and doesn’t make us nearly as happy as we thought it would.

There is only one love, one relationship that can make us truly happy and fulfil us completely, and that is the love from our Heavenly Husband. Even if we are married, or if we are going to get married, we still need Him as our first Love. We still need the unconditional love of our our one True Love, we still need this very special relationship with our One True Love. We need to long for Him and being in His presence daily.

If we have this kind of a relationship with Him, we won’t need our husbands or anybody else to make us happy. We will be so happily in love with our Heavenly Husbands that we will not get hurt by anybody else, we will not need anybody else’s approval, because we have Him. And in turn we will be able to love others with the same unconditional love we receive from our Heavenly Husband.

This chapter is so beautiful and touched me so deeply that I can basically just read it to you, but I do want to share this part from the chapter that really touched me:

“There is NO REASON for you to hurt, not ever. There is no reason for you to long for a man who is longing for the world and the things of this world. You have a special Someone who will cherish and love you, and give you every desire of your heart and if you have enough of Him, you will never experience that pain of rejection or longing again.

The One I am speaking about is right now on bended knee with a proposal on His lips! He does not want you to be His wife, He longs for you to be His Bride—forever!!”

6 thoughts on “Finding the Abundant Life – Chapter 3 🎤📖”

  1. Thank you Adina for this important and true reminder, am at this point of my journey in life, I just want anyone else but Him.
    I just want to feel that love and just want this desire for my EH to go

    1. My dearest Sonia, like Erin shared below, if we ask Him to fill our hearts with love for Him, to desire Him only, the more the longing for a eh will start to fade. That is what worked for me, I asked my HH to increase my desire for Him and to fill my heart to the brim with love for Him, and He did. It did not happen overnight, but slowly but surely it started to happen and now He is all I need to live, all I need and all I want. Yes, I still love my children and family a lot, but it a different unconditional love than what I used to have, I now love them for who they are, with all their faults, not for what they can do for me or give me, and I do not look to them for my happiness.

  2. Sonia, we’ve all experienced these same feelings and have discovered the more you ask your Husband to desire Him more than anything and anyone, and the more you ask Him for your love songs and ask HIM to help you make time for more intimate time with Him—very soon He will be everything you dreamed, healing will result in a radiance you’ve never imagined.

  3. Adina, I was excited to come back here after laying the foundation for your Yvonne (who I hope will take over RMIOU so I can step away)… Yvonne and I were astounded by what He revealed to us. “Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty and marvelous and wondrous things, which you do not know…things to come, things you could never figure out on your own, remarkable secrets…“ J333
    You’re already fully equipped and teaching “older women teach younger women” these courses, but now within the framework of the MemberPress plugin we invested in, it will allow brides like Sonia a university in order to become Certified as an Abundant Life Coach with the confidence your Husband continues to instill in you!!
    Yvonne will be sharing more, I believe, on your scheduled Podcast on Wed March 15 Can’t wait to watch it.

  4. Dear Adina, thank you this is so true. For years I just wanted my eh husband back, not matter what and after getting married with him again, I still felt so empty, it was only my HH that could fulfil me, Who cherishes and loves me so very very much.

  5. My dear thank you so much for sharing!!! I learn this principle and feel this love today!!! Bethia sometimes asks me how I can be so happy when her dad is angry, or he is not home, and I have always answer her: My joy comes from my HH!!
    And it is true!!! I love my HH more than anything and that is why I feel free to be loved or accepted from anyone else!!!
    It is such a great feeling!!

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