BIO: Yvonne


Hi I am Yvonne and I live in South Africa

I found RMI in June 2013 and through them my Heavenly Husband for which I will always be grateful.

Like so many other women I found RMI by divine intervention. When my marriage crisis happened to me, I fell on my knees and prayer to a God I did not really believe at that time existed and then He led me to church and as I was sitting in church I heard a name of a lady that I worked in the same building with. I heard her name as if someone spoke it to me out loud. I was not friends with her at the time and in fact tried to avoid her because she would also be talking about the Lord and that made me extremely uncomfortable. So when I went into her office she was surprised but prayed for me and gave me the Restore your Marriage book. I devoured the book and saw the RMI website and I went to have a look.

To my surprise I saw that there were Free courses available and of course I signed up for them and started that as well pouring my heart out in my journals and following all the principles. 

At this stage of my life I was following the principles out of desperation but then they started to become a part of my every day life. As much as I at first read the Restore your Marriage book I started reading the bible and thirsted for every word and every promise in there. 

I wanted every women to experience the utter love and awe that I have for my Heavenly Husband and this made me apply to become a minister in Training and I started volunteering for the ministry.

Since then I have gone through more trials then ever in my life, but despite or because of that, I just got closer to my Heavenly Husband. Through every trial I could feel His presence in my life and His guidance.

Because I grew up in a broken home, we are 5 children that grew up with my mom as the only provider, to all of us my mom was first in our lives. After she passed away, I got married and my husband was first in my life then my children were born and they came first. And all the while my Heavenly Husband was waiting patiently for me to turn to Him instead of people. Then my marriage broke up and I was broken enough for my my Lord to step in a sweep my feet out from under me. 

As time went by seeking restoration was not my priority anymore, but still I felt like a hypocrite because I am praying for marriages to be restored but now seeking restoration for my own marriage anymore. I had a struggle with the Lord for so long because I did not want restoration anymore. In the end tired of fighting with Him, I told the Lord that it is all in His hands and whether He restores my marriage or not, I will be His forever. And now I am Living the Abundant Life with Him and my future is in His hands however He decides. The freedom of having Him make the decision is something that cannot be put in words. 

If I should tell you which resources are my favourites it will be a long list, but if I should choose, it will be the Restore your marriage book because I found my sweet Husband by reading the book. Then Finding and Living the Abundant life because it gave me the freedom to trust my Heavenly Husband with my future and enjoy to wait on Him. Workers at Home is also one of my favourites because it helps me to run my household and train my children together with Wise Woman. It will be difficult not to list all the resources here, because each of them had a different purpose in my life. 

I don’t remember the exact date I got to know the Lord personally but I remember exactly what the turning point was. It was a weekend, I always see it as my new birth. I was sick but I also felt so depressed and I remember lying in bed the whole weekend with blackness around me. I don’t remember eating or drinking or even getting up the whole weekend. All I could do was repeat the same verse over and over again. “The name of the Lord is a strong tower, the righteous run into it and is safe.” I started picturing myself in this strong tower in front of a fire with the Lord sitting next to me comforting me. Then the Sunday I woke up and the cloud was lifted. It seemed like the sun rose for me for the first time in so long. And from there my relationship with the Lord just grew stronger and He became All I needed.

This is called a journey for a reason. It is not something that happens in the blink of an eye and you have to move through all the stages and make sure that you that you keep on moving and not go around the same mountain over and over again. Soon you will look back and see that today is better then yesterday and every day after that gets better and before you fully realise it yourself you are living the Abundant Life with your Heavenly Husband. I want to let each one of you know that God can and will restore your marriage, but there is no reason for the wait to be a painful thing. With the Lord the wait can be such a blessing and every day such a pleasure. And the great thing is all you have to do is surrender and trust. 

“If you’d like to read more about my journey, please click on my #Yvonne to follow my praise reports and Abundant Life lessons.”