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BIO: Sara


Hi, I’m Sara and I currently live in Istanbul in Turkey. 

The first time that I found RMI it was in December of 2016. I had the opportunity to find the PDF of the book Restore your marriage in Portuguese but I just begin my courses in January of the next year, that's when my restoration Journey really started.

I came to RMI during a crisis in my marriage. That was when I learned how I didn’t know anything about the Lord and that I have built my house in the sand, I was not living according to the principles of the word of God.

During the most difficult times, RMI and EW fed me spiritually teaching me daily what I didn’t learn in years. RMI and EW have done so much for my spiritual maturity and in a way that now I can definitely say that I know the Lord. I am so grateful that He brought me here, that He changed me. I can’t express how much RMI means to me, it's a joy to be part of this Ministry and have minded like women that I like to call my friends.

My life turned upside down literally! Since the first time I read Ch1 of RYM then now as a member of the Restoration Fellowship and an active member of the Minister team, I can say that I am a new woman a Bride. I have lost many things but I have gained so much more, and the most important is the Relationship with my HH. I continue to apply the principles that I learned in RMI to my life because it's not just RMI principles but it's Lord’s it comes from the word of God. One of the most amazing things that happened to me was to traveling the Living Abundant Life Tour with Tara who became, my sister and best friend, a friendship that will be for eternity. Travel was a dream that comes true and only He could have done that, He leads us to all the places that I dreamed about, something that He has told me 10 years prior, I wasn’t married at the time.

I wanted to be a minister so I could help those who are just like a was, perishing without knowledge, I want to help and encourage women to pursue the most important relationship of their lives.

I’ve been learning so much by being a Minister, each and every situation is different, and the more I learn, the more I realize that I don’t know anything, that without Him I can do nothing.

He is the first in my life, and as I shared each and every situation is different, in my case I needed to pass through a divorce to surrender everything to Him. You can call me crazy, but it is worthy, He is worthy of everything!

Do I believe that the Lord can restore my marriage? Yes I do, but now it’s our time together and I want to enjoy every moment that I can only belong to Him when my heart is fully His, so now that’s is my focus to learn more about Him and like the unmarried women who takes care of things of the Lord.

All the resources helped me the most, and it’s very difficult for me to choose a favorite one because all resources helped me in a different season of my life and my Journey.  

When I first read about RF  a church without walls, I became very excited, It was very strange to me to go to church and see believers not following Him, that was my story. I wanted to fellowship with people that have the same heart and that love Him. Now I am able to fellowship with His brides and I have so much more growth in my walk with Him now then II was in the church.

 became a Christian when I was 15 years old, but it was just when I began my RJ that I learned who He is, even being a Christian for so long I didn’t have the foundation, the seed was not planted in good soil. But now I can say that I know Him, and I like to say that when the crisis in marriage happened, that’s when I was saved!

I just want to encourage each one of you that are hearing or reading my BIO that this is a journey, there will be ups and downs on the way but we can find our joy in Him. He is amazing and he is real, He will never leave you or forsake you. Now we cannot see Him, but we can listen to his beautiful voice and be comforted by Him the love of our souls. He is faithful and His love never changes, He is so amazing and I want to encourage you all to pursue a relationship with Him.