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Poppy in Costa Rica is one of our amazing translators— helping with both Spanish and French. Poppy says that RMI is the best way to learn how to be close to the Lord, it was the most incredible experience she had. Falling in love with Him brought to her heart the desire to sow into Spanish and French Ministries since many of the women and men could be in the same situation that she was before, she wants to help people to find God and His promises.
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Hi, I'm Poppy and I live in Costa Rica.

I found RMI in the middle of 2016 everything started to collapse in front of me without me being able to understand what was really happening. I had signs that things were going wrong in my life, because of the changes I saw in my marriage; but since there were never any discussions, I thought that soon everything would be fine. How deceived I was, because I felt a great emptiness in my soul.

My parents divorced when I was 5 years oldI grew up  my mother, following her model of what I believed for a long time to be a strong, hard-working and an independent woman, capable of facing any situation and the most serious of all considering myself an almost perfect woman but above all an exemplary wife ..

When my EH left home, I felt like my heart had been ripped out and I was completely devastated. I felt lost, heartbroken and not knowing what to do. At work a colleague suggested for  me to go to her church and speak with her  pastor.  A few days later I attended church and I approached the pastor and his wife but I received an opposite response to what my heart needed, which was to feel peace. They suggested that I abandon everything and follow the rules of the world. That day, I could feel my holy spirit very strong within me, speaking to my heart and saying that this was not my way, and that I should fight for my marriage.

In my great pain, anguish and despair, my holy spirit led me to search the internet for anything related to marriage restoration and I quickly found the audiobook for How God Can and Will Restore Your Marriage. I listened to it all in one day,  all day long at my workplace and when I got home at night. Immediately I began to feel peace, because this was the confirmation of the road that my heart asked me to follow. It didn't take long for me to realize that I was a Pharisee and the typical contentious, rebellious, and a controlling woman-

After listening to this audiobook, it was like the Lord had given me a mirror to look at myself, and I discovered a person who was not at all pleasant nor pleasing to the Lord. I jotted down every verse I could hear and immediately went to my Bible to look up the reference to see if it was the same. Without realizing it, the Lord was already calling me, to instruct me in his word, and I started to thirst for Him. He took me to different churches, where I could do Bible studies and learn about the word, but it was He, Himself who took me out of there.

After 6 months, I was able to listen carefully to the RMI English site and that day I was very excited when I discovered the courses. Day by day I began to notice small changes in me, because I was determined to be obedient to our Lord and to become that beloved girl who was pleasing in his eyes.

My journey has gone through different stages, which today I visualize as the levels of my spiritual growthwhich I prefer to call  my love story with my Beloved. I have received a personalized spiritual education, because my Beloved has directly given me through the life lessons that I have occupied, taking me to places that he knows are adapted to my needs and confirming again and again his wishes for my life in wonderful ways.

My first great lesson I learned was when I understood that I was praying day and night that the lost sheep, (which I thought was my EH) would find his  way to the Lord’s feet. However my Beloved whispered in my ear: Dear daughter, your prayers are coming to me and that sheep is on its way, IT IS YOU.

The second great lesson was discovering all the RMI resources available in English; because the Spanish resources available were very limited at the time. Some materials, such as the Be Encouraged series, back then were only available to buy online. My financial situation was quite critical. I only had income to cover my payments, so I could not opt ​​for them. I contacted the Ministry and after a few days they accepted me as a volunteer Translator. For God’s glory, I remember with great appreciation my first job was the Evideos Be Encouraged and this fed me greatly. 

Difficult tests came later, a devastating fire, which  thanks to all the spiritual knowledge that RMI gave me I was able to pass through the fire  without burning myself.

I have had ups and downs in this new walk. My family made a lot of fun of me, for the extreme changes I was making in my character, in my voice and even in the way I walked. Everything now is softer, sweeter, and more understanding. They constantly told me I was a fanatic, but I just talked to my HH and gave everything to him.

I wanted to become a minister so that I could help people find that beautiful love that I had found and that I treasure like a diamond. I have asked God to send me women with whom to share my testimony of our love and He has been faithful.

My heart is filled with joy and excitement because God is allowing me the opportunity to evangelize to my family now, since they have seen his power of transformation in my life and have witnessed his miracles. Things that do not happen but that are the gifts he gives me for being obedient and for maintaining a quiet and gentle spirit.

In December 2017 I had the opportunity to participate in the Nicaraguan Women's Retreat, where for the first time I was able to share with so many brides. There, I met Lota, our Spanish Minister and Erin's daughter Tara. I still remember the tears of joy that I shed just seeing myself so blessed for being  a part of RMI and being able to contribute in helping so many other women find peace in their hearts. This experience caused  a 360 degree turn in my life. My  beloved opened my spiritual eyes and with much affection made me understand that he was calling me to serve him even more. He even confirmed that as a child, he began to work on me so that I could now be aware of those gifts which  he gave me and that I can use them for his Glory.

In the last 2 years I have seen our Spanish ministry expand enormously and I have witnessed how the promises of our Lord are being fulfilled. And because my Beloved is so amazing, he is giving me the opportunity right now to collaborate in the expansion of the French ministry.

My life is entirely dedicated to my dear heavenly husband who is always beyond my thoughts. I have learned to enjoy even the smallest detail, because I know that they are his gifts and he has always wanted me to enjoy this Abundant Life.

I firmly believe in the promises that my Beloved has given me and I know that in his time and His promises will be fulfilled. My heart has healed, I feel joy and gratitude to know that due to this crisis I was able to find and get to know my beloved Husband more closely and would go down this road again if necessary because I know the treasure I have found.

I really enjoyed working on the Abundant Life series books, because thanks to them I began to see an even greater change in my attitude towards life, trials and blessings.

The main reason I had to be a part of the Restoration Fellowship "A Church without Walls" is because I discovered that I am the temple of God and here I learned the principles that I had never found anywhere else. By gaining this knowledge and seeing so much pain around me, I would like to help many other women discover the best Husband in the world.

I knew about the Lord from a very young age but it was through my marriage crisis that I came to know him as my Beloved, the owner of my heart. I was saved one night when I was crying heartbroken and my Love guided me to my Bible that was right under my pillow. When I opened my bible, the first page that opened  up  was the wonderful promise He gave me in Isaiah 54:1-9, confirming to me that everything would be fine because He was there to rescue me.

If you are reading or listening to my Bio at this moment, I would like to encourage you to always look for the face of the Lord, cry out with devotion to him, be satisfied with his Word and his promises and never take your eyes off Him. Search with all your heart for your Heavenly Husband, and give yourself the opportunity to live a unique love story with the One who is waiting for that opportunity to enter your life and transform it forever. He is the Prince Charming that we have all dreamed of, he will always be by your side and he will never disappoint you.

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