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~ Olivia in California My restoration journey began when my whole world turned upside down and came crashing down. My husband, my high school sweetheart, left me, our children, our family and our home, which I did not know at the time for another woman. I became a “stander”—spending years as the victim, fighting, battling for my marriage and was exhausted, depressed, and I lost so much weight. Then I found RMI and my life forever changed. Now I have a Ministry and soon after— GOD blessed me with my own Restored Marriage Testimony to share.

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Read Olivia's RESTORED Marriage Testimony, "Restored in the Middle of the Worldwide COVID-19 Pandemic!"


How did your Restoration Journey begin? What brought you to RMIEW? 

My restoration journey began when my whole world turned upside down and came crashing down. My husband, my high school sweetheart, left me, our children, our family and our home, which I did not know at the time for another woman.

When I first started my restoration journey, I became a “stander.” I was standing in the gap for my marriage to be restored, for my husband’s salvation and for this other woman to be gone completely. Unfortunately, I spent many years in this position of standing, being the victim, always fighting for my marriage in the spirit, always battling and it became exhausting. I was becoming depleted, depressed, and I lost so much weight.

During my stand, I saw a handful of small miracles and victories. But it seemed like every time I got a victory I took 50 steps back. I was just in the constant repeated cycle of battling and battling, feeling more discouraged as I continued. Like my hope was being suffocated and it was getting harder and harder to get up from each blow that I was receiving from my husband and from the enemy. I clung to the promise I received from God at the beginning of this crisis, that He WILL restore my marriage. But as the time and years were passing by, my faith was starting to become smaller than a mustard seed. The things I endured were unbelievable, shocking and it left me numb.

Last year, after my husband started to see a new woman, I was hit with several new situations. He had the guts to bring her to our oldest son’s baseball game and say he was bringing a friend, after our son had said to never bring her around. He introduced her to me and our youngest son and because I did not reciprocate the welcoming he wanted from us to her, he later called me to cuss me out and tell me he was never speaking to me or our sons again.

Then, a month later after things settled, my husband decided he wanted us to go as a family on a last minute, mini vacation (which ironically, he had been living with the other woman but they had a fight and he had been home briefly). We all had the most amazing time and just had a blast. When we came home from this trip, my husband said that was the best trip ever. He was home for about two days, then all of a sudden she started to call and he was gone again.

This was it, this is what brought me to RMI. That night I cried like I had never cried before to God. I was beyond broken once again, having my heart ripped to pieces. As I cried I told God, yes I gave Him an ultimatum. I said, “God I need a huge sign from you! I need something by tomorrow night (24 hours later) and it has to be big, so I will know that I heard You right from the beginning all of those years ago...that You were going to restore my marriage and that I am supposed to stand for this OR I am going to believe that I made this up myself, that I told myself this was You and I have just believed it for all of these years.”

Unfortunately, I cannot remember if it was that night (which I want to say it was) or the next day, I got my answer. I had posted a prayer comment on a YouTube video I had watched of a “prodigal” husband that had given his testimony and came home. He actually responded to my comment with RMI’s website and the rest was all God. I went straight to that website, read the intro, completed my marriage evaluation and said to God, “well, I have tried everything else. This says 30 days, so I will give you the next 30 days and if nothing changes, I wash my hands from this all.” Well, those 30 days have turned into months and I now work with and for the ministry!!! What a God and Heavenly Husband, we have and serve. He deserves all of the praise and glory! Thank You my Love!

What has RMI and/or Encouraging Woman done and what has it meant to you? 

RMI and Encouraging Woman brought life back into me again. There are no words to express the gratitude and salvation that I received after coming to this ministry. Life as I knew it was over. I was broken, depressed, barely hanging onto my faith, weak from the constant battle, skinnier than ever from this "restoration diet," and just had no idea how "to do" life without my husband who had become my god, my everything and all that I lived for. I just had no life in my body any more.

RMI and Encouraging Women brought life back “into my bones” and I was brought out of the grave (Ezekiel 37). I had hope and a future (Jeremiah 29:11). God’s ways are not my ways, and my thoughts are not His thoughts (Isaiah 55:8). Through the guidance of this ministry, His Word came to life.

“...but just as it is written [in Scripture], “things which the eye has not seen and the ear has not heard, and which have not entered the heart of man, all that God has prepared for those who love Him [who hold Him in affectionate reverence, who obey Him, and who gratefully recognized the benefits that He has bestowed].”” 1 Corinthians 2:9 AMP. I could not fathom the things that He had for me until I came to this ministry.

For He came to rescue me! “The Lord said, “I have in fact seen the affliction (suffering, desolation) of My people who are in Egypt, and have heard their cry because of their taskmasters (oppressors); for I know their pain and suffering. So I have come down to rescue them from the hand (power) of the Egyptians, and to bring them up from that land to a land [that is] good and spacious, to a land flowing with milk and honey [a land of plenty]...”” Exodus 3:7-8 AMP

How have you, and how has your life changed since learning of the promises and applying the principles from RMI?

I tried many times to let go of my husband but I had always failed because I always took "it" back and tried to do it all in my own strength. After that fateful day of finding RMI, my life has been forever changed. It still took some pressing, squeezing and refining by the fire but my goodness, I am a new woman! I have finally let go of my husband and that is when everything changed.

I am joyful and full of life. I want, need, desire and live for my Heavenly Husband. With Him, I have everything. My Beloved became my Rock, my Redeemer, my Protector, my Advocate, my Defender, my Healer, my Fortress, my Lover, my Shield, my everything. And I have never looked back.

The most important principles were letting go, having a quiet and gentle spirit, win without a word, and tithing. The turning point is when I felt I had hit rock bottom. But the truth is, I had not hit my rock bottom yet. My Beloved had to wipe me of me until I wanted His will over my own. He had to press, squeeze, mold and transform me even more. He had placed me on His potter's wheel.

The tides turned when I committed to the resources and courses this ministry, RMI, offered and I committed to tithe NO MATTER WHAT!

I could feel myself starting to feel different. I was starting to see God's Word come to life. I was starting to feel and recognize what these other Brides were talking about. That was a desire of my heart for so long. My Love was faithful to complete and fulfill what He started in me and I have never looked back.

It was what seemed like a slow and steady climb but step by step, I had made it to my Divine Appointment!

One day, I got down on my knees at the foot of my bed with my face planted on the ground, I cried surrendering my will, my husband, my marriage, my children, and my finances to my Heavenly Husband. I no longer clung to it all, I finally let it go! From that moment on, it was like night and day, I had the peace that passes all understanding and I was finally free!

What my husband and this other woman did no longer bothered me. Nothing moved or affected me again. My Heavenly Husband had finally taken His rightful place as He always wanted as first on my heart and now everything else started falling into place.

Why are you interested in becoming a Minister? 

As I was walking through my journey, I realized that my testimony really has nothing to do with me! Yes, I was the one going through it but my journey and testimony is for me to share and minister to others that may be going through something similar. My testimony is all for His glory. And through my testimony, He will direct and bring others to hear of His goodness, to bring hope to the hopeless.

I remember during my journey, just searching for and looking for someone to relate to. Someone that has gone something like I have and where God stepped in and moved on their behalf. RMI did this for me. I was able to find and relate to many of the precious brides that journeyed through before me. I knew right then and there that I too wanted to be used as His vessel to reach other brides just for Him to get the glory.

Who is FIRST in your life? How did this come about? 

My Heavenly Husband is FIRST in my life. After coming to RMI, my Beloved showed me how I had put everything else before Him in my life. My earthly husband, children, home, finances, career, everything before Him. He was getting pushed back farther and farther on my heart.

Because of this marriage crisis and my life turning upside down, through RMI and the resources from this ministry I was introduced to a Heavenly Husband and Love that I had never experienced before. I did not know God could or wanted to be so intimate with me! I had no idea there was more to life. My “priorities” were all out of order and He was determined to show me that with Him in His rightful place as number One on my heart, everything will line up just as He intended it to be in the first place.

Are you currently "seeking" restoration for your own marriage? WHY or why not?

No, I am no longer seeking restoration for my marriage. At first this is all I wanted and was obsessed with. But after coming to RMI and discovering my Heavenly Husband, there is nothing that can compare to what I have found in Him.

He has never left me nor forsaken me. He has never lied to me. He has been the best Provider, Lover, Defender, Advocate, Shield, and Fortress. He is faithful to His word. He never sleeps and He is always available for me to run to. There is nothing that can compare to the Love and the abundant life that He has given since I found and made Him my Heavenly Husband.

Which resources helped you the most? Which are your favorites?

Everything! How God Can and Will Restore Your Marriage, A Wise Woman, all of the courses, the Be Encouraged videos, the daily Encourager, the Partner page, signing up to become a Prayer warrior, Minister, and Evangelist, join Restoration Fellowship church, the testimonies and anything else I may have missed.

What would you like to say to a woman who is reading your BIO, helping to encourage her:

Dear Gorgeous Bride, I have been on both sides of the spectrum from standing for my marriage to shifting and going on a journey.

Standing had a few good patches BUT the moment I stepped in and began my journey, everything changed! All the windows of Heaven opened up. I have received more miracles and given more praise reports/testimonies on my journey these last few months than the years I spent standing. It is all because of the Divine Appointment my Heavenly Husband set up for me and through the truths and principles I learned through this ministry.

This journey can be lonely at times but that is truly a blessing in disguise because it causes you to become reliant and draws you unto Him. It leaves you vulnerable so that He can come in and do what only He can do in you.

When I started my stand, I only saw how this was all my husband's fault but once I crossed over and started my journey I realized that I was the one that tore my house down with my own hands. I was the root cause. I was contentious, self-righteous, prideful, stubborn, nagging, quarrelsome and sooo much more, for years. I realized I was blessed that my husband had stayed in our marriage and endured so much from me.

I had to learn my role as a wife, mother and woman in Christ. For I had no idea what that meant to be, according to God's word. Wow! Was I far from what His Truth was saying I was to be.

Watch who you let speak into your life. Know His word because if what they are saying does not line up with His word then it is not Truth, therefore, do not claim it nor receive it into your spirit.

Your Heavenly Husband has so much more for you. He wants to show you the life that He created and intended for you to have all along. He has an abundant life for you if you are willing to let go and allow Him to change you.

Come, travel on this narrow road for if He has done it for others, He will certainly do it for you! It is time to cross over that bridge and make it to the Promised Land! God bless you!